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Just an hour’s train ride from Cinque Terre lies the village of Portofino, arguably the most photographed fishing port in the world. Don’t be surprised to spot fishermen walking around in their Dolce & Gabbana, for this is a place that has attracted the cafe society of Europe, from Rex Harrison in the 50s to Beyonce in recent times. Check into The Splendido (belmond.com) whose reception logbook features signatures from celebrities since the 1950s. It has just 64 rooms, each with a balcony overlooking the beautiful Italian coastline.Lively Beaches
Pallavi Mahajan
After about an hour, a Police Officer at the Portofino Station came and inquired from us. We told him about our plight and he said, 'This is Italy, you need to keep the worries aside'. He asked if we would like to drink or eat. Abreast with our stereotype image of police officers, we said a polite 'No'. He left saying 'Don't worry. I am there.' After about 40 minutes he came back with fresh home made pizza and water. He said, 'My house is close by. My Mamma makes 'Gusto' Pizza. You must be hungry. Eat please'.We blankly just looked at him. He asked 'la Familia?'. We said 'Si'. 'I amore familia', he exclaimed and left.We reached Florence at 6 in the morning and the entire next day and the days after we kept remembering that Polizia from Portofino.