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Clueless Compass
Riomaggiore, remains as the most favorite of all destinations. We were literally starving by the time we reached there and chose to dine in a cafe named 'Latteria Delvigo' near riomaggiore station. The cartoon of a sailor and a whale could be seen under the name of the cafe and a similar one could be seen on the wall inside. Once we entered the cafe, we came across a funny looking man with a long beard and with a tattoo on his arm (the same whale in the cartoon) named Nicholo. We got curious. When asked about the whale, he replied that the sailor was himself and the whale being his wife. Cheeky fellow. When prompted to tell more about Riomaggiore, he revealed that the population of the place was shockingly only less than 200, with most of them being the elderly. The employed ones in the majority of the shops were originally from La Spezia, says Nicholo himself who is a native of La Spezia. Then he goes on to talk about the tale surrounding the establishment of Riomaggiore. Riomaggiore was built in two parts, with the low lying coastal area of the fishermen and the upper mountain and hilly regions of the farmers. But now, such a differentiation is almost non-existent. Nicholo also mentions that Riomaggiore got its name from 'Rivus major'- an age old river that used to flow through these regions. It is said that the world came to know about Riomaggiore through the drawings of Telemaco Signorini. The story which we found very captivating goes like this: Signorini comes across two very peculiarly dressed women in the streets of La Spezia market place. Aroused by curiosity he follows the two women to this village of Riomaggiore. Signorini, lost in the place's breathtaking beauty, drew pictures of Riomaggiore and organized exhibitions in France, Italy and other countries to make people aware of this unexplored paradise in Italy. The tale whether true or not, we can confidently say that there is not a hint of doubt about the place's magnificent charm whatsoever.
Sonam Singh
Day 1 : We hired a car with a baby seat as its compulsory here if your going with a baby ( we are a couple with a kid) from maggiore car rental service at airport. we planned to leave early morning in order not to miss any points on the way ,being with kid its not easy to get the work done on time.we started our trip and took highway A7 and SS1 for Riomaggiore .And somewhere in between we took wrong turn and picked route SP38 and started blaming each other for the mistake :D but that mistake came out with beautiful surprise as it was a national park route ,the whole route had a breathtaking picturesque landscape view.
Le Voyageur
With what probably is one of the most pristine seas ever, Riomaggiore sits right on the Gulf of Genoa. Serene, and extremely blue, its waters are untouched, and this place is perfect in all aspects.
Vikas Badiger
Riomaggiore is one of the first of the five hamlets in Cinque Terre. It was a 15 minute train from La Spezia and once we got there, The town stretches along a vertical axe where steep staircases are the only means to move around the town. The houses are vibrant and typically one to two floors. The origins of Riomaggiore is dated back to the 8th century.
Agnirudra Sikdar
Our starting point in the tour. Amazingly pastel coloured houses hanging by the cliff, overlooking the sea.