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San Gimignano

namita mittal
Nestled in the mountains of Italy is a quaint little village called San Gimignano. When you visit here, you feel that it has remained untouched by time. The village is so small that no car can enter it, cars have to be parked in a lot outside the village. The narrow winding walkways have tiny shops on either side, selling fascinating little knick-knacks. The pace of the village is relaxed and unhurried. Locals greet you with smiles and jaunty bonjournos (Italian for 'hello').
Driving up to San Gimignano, you'll notice that it is the only medieval hill town with its own skyline. Its fine towers and Romanesque/Gothic architecture gives San Gimignano its own bit of character. Enjoy awesome panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside as you sample some of the best ice cream in Italy at Gelatería di Piazza!