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Changla Pass

Chang La is located in Ladakh at a height of 17,590ft. It is among world's highest motorable roads. This high mountain pass lies on the road that leads to the famous Pangong Lake. Tangste is a small town which is at a distance of around 52 km from the pass. There is a temple near the pass called Changla Baba Temple where a lot of tourists tie Tibetan prayer flags and make wishes. An SBI Bank also exists at Changla Pass along with a cafe from where you can get packed food and beverages. Surrounded by panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains, it is a beautiful spot for sightseeing and capturing photographs. Chang La has a treacherous route. It requires an experienced driver to cross the pass. It is also among the favourite spots of bike riders. Beautifully serene and notoriously unpredictable, Changla is a destination meant for all the adventure-seekers.
Vikram Mn
We paid a fee of 50 rupees per person for god knows what and started our journey to Pangong. It was a smooth ride from there to first check post where we talked with a Tamil military man who filled our water bottles with warm water. He informed that from Chang La roads are bad and has full snow. We reached Chang La in quite some time where we had our Maggi lunch because that was the last point where we'd be getting food. We also clicked some pictures in the third highest motorable pass. Chang La had one or two small stream crossing and lots of snow. Roads of course were bumpy but it wasn't a bike killer so we didn't face much difficultly in crossing Chang La.
Deepa Khanolkar
To head back to Leh today, we took the route via Chang La Pass. Another snow clad pass with teeth clattering cold. Or was it just me?!
Ankur Srivastava
Vandana Singh
Day 10Target: Pangong – Jispa(425 kms)Route:Same route where we came from till Karu .PS: As there is no Petrol Pump from Karu to Jispa, we had to plan to get the car topped up at Karu.Weather: Around 3-4°CToday was the day when plans were going to get changed, time for God to prove yet again that Man proposes & he disposes.We left really early, 5: 30am (without any bath & breakfast) as we had to cover a real long distance & given the feedback from a lot of people it was very difficult.
On 7th July, we set off from Leh at around 8 in the morning. We were heading to Pangong Tso (“Tso” means lake). At around 11, we reached Chang La at 17,688 feet of altitude , the 2nd highest motorable pass. Another beautiful snow covered area. As we crossed the pass, a completely white frozen lake came to sight. It might have been just a random lake, like the hundreds of unnamed lakes in the mountains, but it was beautiful.