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Rohtang Pass

🗓 Best Time To Visit:May to October

⏰ Open Hours:Open 24 hours, but best to visit during daylight

🧗 Things To Do:Skiing, Mountain biking, Snowboarding, Photography, Trekking

💰 Budget:No entry fees, but transportation and activity costs may vary

🧳 Traveller Types:Adventure seekers, Nature lovers, Photographers

📌 Known For:Scenic beauty, Snow-covered landscapes, Adventure sports

📍 Distances:From Manali - 51 km, From Kullu Manali Airport - 85 km, From Joginder Nagar Railway Station - 162 km

🧥 Clothing:Heavy woolens are recommended due to the cold weather

🚫 Restrictions:Restricted entry during heavy snowfall, usually between November to April

🚗 Road Conditions:Often slippery and treacherous due to snow and ice, drive with caution

📋 Permit:Required to cross the pass, can be obtained online or from Manali

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Rohtang Pass: Exploring the Majestic Himalayas

Tucked away in the majestic Himalayas, Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass that connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys in Himachal Pradesh, India. Located at an altitude of 3,978 meters, this high mountain pass through Himachal Pradesh is a magnet for travelers seeking thrills and breathtaking landscapes.

From skiing on the pristine snowfields to trekking through rugged terrain, Rohtang Pass offers a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities.

How To Reach Rohtang Pass from Manali

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- Rohtang Pass is located about 51 km from Manali on the Leh-Manali Highway.

- The road to Rohtang Pass is narrow, winding, and often slippery due to snow and ice. It is prone to landslides and traffic jams, especially during peak season.

- It is advisable to hire a local driver or take a bus from Manali to Rohtang Pass.

- To visit Rohtang Pass, you need to obtain a permit from the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) website or office.

- The permit is valid for one day and costs INR 550 for cars and INR 100 for bikes.

- The permit is issued on a first-come-first-serve basis and is limited to 1,300 vehicles per day (800 petrol and 500 diesel).

- The permit can be booked online two days in advance or offline one day in advance.

- The best time to start your journey from Manali to Rohtang Pass is early morning (around 5 am) to avoid traffic and reach before noon.

- The journey takes about 2-3 hours depending on the road conditions and traffic.

- You can stop at some scenic spots along the way, such as Marhi, Gulaba, and Kothi Village.

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Best Time To Visit Rohtang Pass

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Climate: Rohtang Pass experiences a cold and harsh climate year-round, with temperatures ranging from -8°C to 25°C, depending on the season.

Snowfall and Accessibility: Heavy snowfall occurs from November to May, leading to the closure of the pass. It is accessible from June to October after the snow melts.

Best Time to Visit: For snow and winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and snow scooter riding, visit from June to September. Be prepared for cold weather and carry adequate warm clothes.

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Things To Do In Rohtang Pass Manali

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Tourists throng Rohtang Pass after fresh snowfall - (c) Tribune India

Rohtang Pass is a paradise for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. There are plenty of things to do in Rohtang Pass that will make your trip unforgettable.

Skiing in Rohtang Pass: You can glide over the snow-covered slopes and feel the adrenaline rush. You can rent skis and other equipment from the local vendors or take a skiing course from the instructors. The skiing season lasts from June to September.

Snowboarding in Rohtang Pass: You can ride a snowboard over the snow and perform tricks and stunts. Rent snowboards and other equipment from the local vendors or take a snowboarding course from the instructors. The snowboarding season lasts from June to September.

Paragliding in Rohtang Pass: You can fly in the air like a bird and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains, valleys and glaciers. Book a paragliding session from the local operators or take a paragliding course from the instructors. The paragliding season lasts from September to October.

Zorbing in Rohtang Pass: Book a zorbing session from the local operators or try it on your own. You can roll down a hill inside a giant transparent ball and feel the gravity and speed. The zorbing season lasts from September to October.

Mountain Biking in Rohtang Pass: Ride a bike on the rough and rocky terrain and test your skills and stamina. You can rent a bike and other equipment from the local vendors or take a mountain biking tour from the guides. The mountain biking season lasts from September to October.

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Places to Visit Near Rohtang Pass

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Kothi Village - (c) Quora

Rohtang Pass is not only a destination in itself but also a gateway to some of the most beautiful and remote places in Himachal Pradesh. Here are some of the most popular places that you can visit from Rohtang Pass:

Solang Valley: Solang Valley is a picturesque valley located about 13 km from Rohtang Pass. You can enjoy activities such as paragliding, zorbing, horse riding, cable car ride, etc. at Solang Valley. You can also visit the Solang Ski Resort, which offers skiing facilities during winter.

Beas Kund: Beas Kund is a sacred lake located about 18 km from Rohtang Pass. It is believed to be the source of the Beas River, which originates from here. It is also a popular trekking destination, as it offers a stunning view of the surrounding peaks such as Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Ladakhi.

Rahala Falls: Rahala Falls is a beautiful waterfall located about 16 km from Rohtang Pass. It is formed by the melting glaciers and falls from a height of about 50 meters. It is surrounded by deodar trees, birch trees and wildflowers, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere.

Kothi Village: Kothi Village is a charming village located about 12 km from Rohtang Pass. It is famous for its scenic beauty, traditional architecture and cultural heritage. You can see the old houses, temples and monuments of Kothi Village, which reflect the history and culture of the region.

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Dining Options Near Rohtang Pass

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Johnson's Cafe: Situated on the Manali-Rohtang Road, Johnson's Cafe has a cozy and relaxed ambiance, with both indoor and outdoor seating options available.

Approximate Cost for Two: ₹800 to ₹1000.

Must-Try Dishes: Fluffy pancakes, juicy burgers, and rich hot chocolate.

Cafe 1947: Tucked away in Old Manali, Cafe 1947 exudes a charming and rustic vibe with vintage memorabilia and colorful artwork, creating a unique and eclectic atmosphere.

Approximate Cost for Two: ₹1000 to ₹1200 for two people.

Must-Try Dishes: The wood-fired pizzas, creamy pastas, and delectable apple pie.

Casa Bella Vista: Nestled in the Log Huts Area of Old Manali, Casa Bella Vista offers a cozy and intimate dining experience.

Approximate Cost for Two: ₹1200 to ₹1500.

Must-Try Dishes: Authentic Italian cuisine, especially the flavorful tiramisu and aromatic cappuccino.

Cafe Amigos: Located on Mall Road in Manali, Cafe Amigos is known for its vibrant ambiance and delicious Mexican fare.

Approximate Cost for Two: ₹700 to ₹900 for two people.

Must-Try Dishes: The Mexican food here is a hit, particularly the crispy nachos and refreshing mojitos.

Drifter's Cafe: Situated on Hadimba Temple Road in Old Manali, Drifter's Cafe offers a laid-back atmosphere with a touch of Israeli charm.

Approximate Cost for Two: ₹800 to ₹1000.

Must-Try Dishes: Authentic Israeli dishes, such as the flavorful shakshuka and the creamy hummus platter.

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Accomodation Near Rohtang Pass

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The Himalayan

The Himalayan: Located in Hadimba Road, The Himalayan offers luxurious accommodation with stunning views of the Himalayas. Guests can enjoy delicious meals at the on-site restaurant and it also offers a range of activities, including trekking, mountain biking, and yoga sessions.

Span Resort and Spa: Situated along the banks of the Beas River, Span Resort and Spa offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature. The resort features spacious rooms and cottages, each elegantly furnished and equipped with modern amenities.

Manu Allaya Resort and Spa: Located in the picturesque village of Prini, Manu Allaya Resort and Spa offers luxurious accommodation with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The resort also has a spa offering a range of treatments, as well as indoor and outdoor activities such as yoga, meditation, and nature walks.

The Orchard Greens Resort and Spa: Situated in Log Huts Area, The Orchard Greens Resort and Spa offers comfortable accommodation with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities at the resort, including trekking, river rafting, and bonfire evenings. The resort also has a restaurant serving a range of delicious dishes.

Snow Valley Resorts: Located in the heart of Manali, Snow Valley Resorts offers comfortable accommodation with easy access to the city's main attractions. The resort also has a spa offering a range of treatments, as well as indoor and outdoor activities for guests to enjoy.

Rohtang Pass Reviews

Day 2 (10th July): Manali - Jam - Rohtang - Jispa (140 kms, 14 hrs)We re-evaluated our plan, and decided to stay the night at Jispa. The plan was to reach Leh in 3 days from Manali and somethings would have to go off our itinerary in order to make up for the lost 8 hours. Well, that’s the Manali-Leh highway for you, even the best laid plans have to be changed at the last moment. And I guess that’s the beauty of it all. We somehow made it to the top by 2:30 pm, after having crossed the final slushy stretch in one go, all thanks to the 4L mode that Safari offers. What was surprising though was that even with a 205 mm GC, some stones did hit the underbelly of our car. After a quick stop at the pass to check for leakages beneath the vehicle, we proceeded towards Jispa. Rohtang’s descent was much better than its ascent. The road was not good, and was ridden with potholes, but at least it was not slushy. A fabulous lunch of meat curry and rice happened at Koksar, the lovely, windy village after Gramphoo, known to be the coldest place in Lahaul. Thereafter, the road was like a runway, and even the fifth gear saw light of day! A few kilometers after Koksar, just before Sissu, we saw the mouth of the Rohtang tunnel on the other side of the Chandra river, the sight of which, after the 8 hour ordeal we’d been through earlier in the day, was very pleasing. Aarti promised God that she would distribute sweets and also come to Manali the very day the tunnel opens. For the first time, I agreed that Rohtang was not worth all that pain. After ogling at the tunnel for a bit, we went on. After a quick refuelling stop at Tandi, we moved on towards Keylong. We tried to log on to the net and also call a few people to update them about our freedom from the horrible jam, but the network was patchy, and we couldn’t. We finally reached Jispa around 6:30 pm, and headed straight for the Padma Lodge, where we’d stayed way back in 2008 when it was still under construction. After checking in, we went down till the river, and were totally floored by its beauty. The way the beautiful Bhaga spreads out at Jispa is stunning. The icing on the cake was the early moonrise, which captured the attention of our cameras for quite sometime. The Padma Lodge is a lovely place with nice and clean rooms, and a charming dining room on the first floor. And guess what, it does serve beer for those who are interested . The Lodge has two buildings, and both are almost equally priced. We got to know later that Rahul Gandhi had done the Manali - Leh highway last year, and stayed at the same lodge.
Next day morning we got ready and left our hotel by 6. Hotel staff was very courteous and packed few sandwiches for our lunch. Make sure you leave early else you can get stuck in the famous Rohtang pass traffic. I have been to Manali/Rohtang pass at least 4-5 times before but this was the first time I saw Rohtang pass 'green' and not 'white'. There was no snow at all, infact all the plants and tress were glowing in the sun, giving it a very different nice look. After crossing Rohtang pass around 20 km further there is a small right turn which goes to Lahaul Spiti valley. Please note its very easy to miss that turn, so make sure you are attentive. Once you manage to take that right then the only thing is you have to go straight. The road till this point was fantastic, we enjoyed it. But now was the time when the real journey started. So gradually the charcoal road turned into a kacha road and after some time it was just stones/boulders on our way with water flowing at many points. Ashok was brilliant behind the wheels but there was not much he could do at that stretch. Kudos to his patience. From Rohtang pass to Chandratal: there were at least 4-5 times when all of us had to get out of the vehicle and put/remove big stones in front of the tyres and then push the car (as the tyres were just slipping on pebles/stones). Delhi to Manali is around 550 km which took us around 13 hours and Rohtang paas to Chandratal is around 80 km which we covered in around 10 hours so you can imagine what a "smooth" ride it was. :-) It was kind of an off-roading experience. This was the journey which made me realize the true difference between a MUV & a SUV. Having said that, the journey was amazing and beautiful. You would see different colors of hills : green, red, brown, black . The beautiful terrain and colorful plants around you would definitely make you stop and click pictures at many places. We did manage to reach Batal.
Manali -Rohtang Pass (with the altitude of 4111 metres) Rohtang, the abode of God, The actual place that’s not welcoming all season. It’s situated around 51 km from Manali. Go to see: May to November. If you are targeting to visit the motherland try it between July-September to experience mesmerizing eyeshot. The Pass helps connecting Kullu (in the South) to Lahual-Spiti (in the North). Manali climate conditions in July: Bit Moist! If your sporty please try visiting the station between March-June for best mountain activities. Sadly Rohtang will be off your list before June due to heavy snow. There are barriers to the pass by Indian Army. Avoid visiting the pass on Tuesdays (day is marked for maintenance of Rohtang Pass)! To enjoy: Heavy Snow caped mountains, windy atmosphere, sightseeing (please visit the gallery support to admire the beauty below) Bookings/Permissions: 1. Try book your Rohtang tour in advance through local agents found on Manali Mall road (Bus options: HRTC/HPTDC). Packages are inclusive of taxes and permits. The bus will be spotted at Manali bus depot at early morning by 5/6 AM (depending on the availability). On the way to Rohtang, local rest stops, eatable joints and woolen supplements will promise you a restful journey ahead. There is also an option of picking snow clothes for Rs. 200 - Rs.325/- per person. You will be spared with 3-4 hours at the pass to have full glance of the place. 2. If traveling by self, try having valid proofs ( Valid ID Proof, Valid Pollution Under Check (PUC) Certificate and Vehicle Registration Date (Age of vehicle not to be more than 10 yrs)) and a copy of permit at the entry point. To apply: http://rohtangpermits.nic.in/Home/InformatoryScreen. In case of Non Himachal vehicles, one must seek permission from SDM office located on Mall road, Manali (Avoid visiting on Sundays as the office is closed). Fee is only Rs.50/- .
At Rohtang the traffic came to a standstill, and we witnessed something the other four had never before – snowfall. It was bliss. It soon changed into misery when the gentle snowfall changed into a rather hailstorm. We were stuck with no shelter. We tried to hide behind cars which didn’t help much as the temperature was freezing. We saw our feet getting covered with snow every now and then. Our feet and hands were frozen and we could barely move them. It was so fierce that we couldn’t even remove our helmets. It was quite an effort to unpack stuff from one bike to take out a Rum bottle which seemed like our best friend then and our only saving grace. Traffic started moving rather crawling again after almost 3 hours, luckily for us, army trucks were on our side and it was made to move first. Riding had gotten even tougher. We couldn’t see the road with visors down and couldn’t remove them due to the storm. Almost 2 feet snow had accumulated on the roads by then. The only way we could ride was by riding behind a heavy vehicle and moving along its tyre impressions. We covered the next 7-8 kms in over an hour and that’s when the road condition got a little better, but it was raining there and the roads, especially the curves were really slippery. Slowly we made it to Gramphoo and had the first meal of the day there.
Day 2: Fighting a setback - Manali to Batal via Rohtang pass Not many people will say this, but crossing Rohtang pass was actually a breeze. It used to be a dangerous road to go to the upper Himalayas, but not anymore, thanks to the road works done by the local authorities to make the passage easier. Once you cross Rohtang pass, the road to Spiti valley is not marked by any sign boards or hoardings – you have to look out for a Dhabba and make a U-turn to the right to go to Spiti valley. If you miss the turn and proceed further (4km, to be precise) without taking the U-turn (just like we did), you will come across a check post where the friendly police officer will politely tell you that you are on the way to Leh, not Spiti valley. Koksar, the area near the check post, is also a good place to grab a bite to eat, as there are limited eateries that serve lunch. This is probably the last place before you get to get some good non-veg delicacies, as you will not get those before you enter Kaza, which is a good 150km away. There is one small shop some distance away from Koksar, which sells some snacks and tea. Stack up whatever you want here as Batal is more than 50km away from this place and Batal has an emergency camp for travelers who fail to make it to Chandrataal.
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