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Any time
Museum: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Stay in the hotel luxury, explore museum
No entry fees for the hotel, budget for museum- INR 25/INR60 – Indians/Foreigners respectively
September - February
Families, Couples
5 out of 88 attractions in Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

This is another of the palaces where the royals used to reside in the past and is today one of the museums where people explore different exhibits. Apart from being a museum, Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the luxurious hotels in the city of Jodhpur. Once you travel around 3 kms from the city towards the southeast area, you will reach the place. Gaj Singh II still lives in one of the parts of the Umaid Bhawan. The palace was built in 1929. The place has about 365 rooms and was designed and created by one of the famous British architects – Henry Lanchester. This palace was originally made for Raja Umaid Singh. To successfully build this palace it took about 15 years with around 3000 workers working on it and about an expenditure of 11 million INR. Makrana marble was used in the exteriors of the palace whereas Burmese teak in the inside. The collection of vintage clocks is another attraction to be seen here.
Shivani Rawat
उमैद भवन पैलेसमहाराजा उमैद सिंह द्वारा बनाया गया हुआ महल कम से कम 10 लाख स्क्वैर फ़ीट संगेमरमर और स्पेशल तरीके के बलुआ पत्थर से बना है। इस बलुआ पत्थर को चित्तर भी कहते हैं और इसी की वजह से इस महल को काफी लोग चित्तर महल के नाम से भी जानते हैं। महल तीन भागों में बँटा हुआ है जिसमें पहला भाग एक होटल की तरह बना हुआ है। दूसरा भाग एक म्यूजियम है और तीसरा भाग यहाँ के राजसी के लिए रखा गया है। करीबन तीन घंटों में आप यहाँ का पूरा दौरा कर लोगे। एक काफी खूबसूरत एंटीक चीज़ों की मार्किट भी आती है यहाँ के रास्ते पर, ज़रूर जाना वहाँ भी।
Rahul Vangani
Right from the moment I entered the property, I felt like a KING! Well, I felt that way purely because of the extremely warm hospitality of the staff at UBP. From the moment you enter the property with a grand welcome to the moment you enter your room, walking in the coridoors of the hotel with peacocks chanting around, every moment you spend here feels divine. The food at both the restaurants was fantastic. Every evening, there is an interesting historical walk for all the guests explaining the history behind some vintage elements in the hotel. The experience of interacting with the staff was wonderful because everyday they would greet you with a warm smile. I have some photos attached with this short review, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed clicking them which has now turned into lifelong memories!
Priya Pareek
Touted as one of the world's largest private residences, Umaid Bhawan Palace was named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of the present owner Gaj Singh. With 347 rooms, the palace is the principal residence of the former Jodhpur royal family. While a part of the palace is now managed by Taj Hotels, it also features a museum.
Neha Bajaj
This is another must-see place in Jodhpur. The view of Umaid Bhavan from the terrace courtyard of Mehrangarh fort is so majestic and grand that you need no persuasion or motivation to visit this palace. Completed in the year 1943, this palace was then the largest royal residence in the world. 347 rooms under one roof is an architectural marvel to ogle upon.One must think and question the functionality and tenacity of such a grand residence but the actual purpose behind this venture was to provide employment to more than 1000 farmers during the draught period. Well, true kings do look after their people!Part of the palace is converted into museum, a part of it is run by Taj Hotels and the major area is still the royal residence of the current king Maharaj Gaj Singh. It is said that the hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.How would it be to live in a hotel like this! Well, dreams don’t cost anything even on a budget trip!If you are obsessed with vintage cars, this trip might just give you an adrenaline rush as the palace displays a huge collection of the royal vehicles since 1917.Budget: Entry fee Rs 60; and transportation: Rs 80/- to and fro.Must See: Little Greece in IndiaWhile the city is blessed with mighty forts and splendid palace, the blue side of the city is amazingly photogenic and if you are a lens lover, it will be a crime to miss this spot.Hidden in the alley of Navchokiya, this shaded blue cityscape is one-of-its-kind in India. I like to call it the Indian Greece. In the heat of the city, this blue cityscape is like a mint cooler to the eyes. Blue flushed walls with intricate carving, the jharokha style windows and the green lofty doors is a sight you will not find anywhere else in the world.You will need to walk and explore between the alleys as there are only a few lanes and houses that still have this phenomenal elevation and that’s what makes it even more special.The best way to reach here is to catch a rickshaw from the clock tower. You can use Singhvi’s Haveli as a landmark reference.Budget: Rs 80Things to Buy from JodhpurLike any other Rajasthan town, the bazaar area is colourful and vibrant and crowded. Every corner of the market pretty much screams India. Traditional clothes, Indian spices, bargaining foreigners, typical Indian sellers, sweet shops, snack shops, ethnic stores and what not.Since the market area is too crowded and could get too confusing, here is a small list of genuine shops that you must try.
Ananya Ghosh
Umaid Bhavan Palace looks great from a distance but honestly, it's quite average considering tourists don't get to go inside because the Taj Hotels converted a part of it into a hotel property while the rest is preserved. It'll cost you your entire bank balance (especially if you're a student) to book a stay there, and they don't welcome guests for a cup of coffee or to eat at their restaurants (I speak from experience).