Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum 1/45 by Tripoto
Any time
Museum: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Stay in the hotel luxury, explore museum
No entry fees for the hotel, budget for museum- INR 25/INR60 – Indians/Foreigners respectively
September - February
Families, Couples
5 out of 88 attractions in Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

This is another of the palaces where the royals used to reside in the past and is today one of the museums where people explore different exhibits. Apart from being a museum, Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the luxurious hotels in the city of Jodhpur. Once you travel around 3 kms from the city towards the southeast area, you will reach the place. Gaj Singh II still lives in one of the parts of the Umaid Bhawan. The palace was built in 1929. The place has about 365 rooms and was designed and created by one of the famous British architects – Henry Lanchester. This palace was originally made for Raja Umaid Singh. To successfully build this palace it took about 15 years with around 3000 workers working on it and about an expenditure of 11 million INR. Makrana marble was used in the exteriors of the palace whereas Burmese teak in the inside. The collection of vintage clocks is another attraction to be seen here.
Debjani Paul
Akshata Rao
Adete Dahiya
Shashank Sinha
1) Umaid Bhawan:By the first looks of it I mistook it for Rashtrapati Bhawan, Delhi. I bet you did too ;)Umaid Bhawan Palace, one of the larget private residencies in the world, a part of it is also managed by Taj Hotels.Named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of the present owner Gaj Singh of the palace, this edifice has 347 rooms and serves as the principal residence of the erstwhile Jodhpur royal family. A part of the palace also houses a museum.Entry Fees: Rs 25 (Indian) and Rs 50 (Foreign)Time to Visit: 9 AM to 5 PM (all days of the week)
Priya Parashar
We later on headed to Umaid Bhawan Palace. A part of the palace has been recently transformed into a 5-star hotel. Another part of the palace is still occupied by the royal family of Jodhpur. And another part is a museum that showcases the art pieces of the royal age. There were lot of vintage cars for display also.We were hungry by the time we got done with Umaid Bhawan and the driver took us to a restaurant called Ravla. The food turned out to be super delicious. Chicken curry was mouth watering.
After this we hired a local auto which took us to Umaid Bhawan Palace. It has a private hotel managed by Taj hotels. It is actually divided into a residence, a hotel and a museum which has substantial number of prototype paintings, armor and an unusual collection of household miscellaneous articles.
Tanvi S
Wow, this place spread in acres, has a 5 star hotel, a small part of palace served as a museum for public and a small part of palace dedicated to royal family who was still residing there. The Museum boasts bout everything that a royal family inherited, right from cars to cutleries to clothes.
Sreedevi Jeevan
3. Umaid bhavan palace - Nothing fancy about this place, just a museum on one side of the palace and some exhibits of vintage cars. Hardly takes 1 hour to finish.
Pankaj Chavan
Nihar Shah
This is converted into hotel by Taj and it is one of the 6 costliest hotels in India. Mainly you can see is palace from outside and a collection of vintage cars and clocks of king.
Kaveri Mayra
"Isn't this the guy we met yesterday at Mehrangarh Fort?" Varun said looking at a picture in the museum. I did not believe him but still we started checking other pictures to be sure and discovered he is the current Maharaja of Jodhpur. Is it possible we got that lucky!?Scene 3- Right next to Umaid Bhawan Palace (20 minutes later)We could give anything to just confirm that what we think happened, actually happened. I needed at least one more person to say that its not unrealistic."Do you think its possible that we met the Maharaja of Jodhpur while he was taking a tour of his kingdom in disguise last evening?" I asked food stall guy behind ticket counter."Why do you think so?" He did not seem surprised. That was reassuring!"We saw pictures of the royal family and recognized him from the pictures. Plus he was wearing the same black hat in one of the pictures from yesterday. Is it possible?""Well then, I think you met the Maharaja of Jodhpur!" He smiled.
Bikashjyoti Pathak
Royal, grand, an ode to a King's will to spend absolutely no holds barred for His Lavishness!!!
Abhinaba Chatterjee
gaurav srivastava
Umaid Bhawan Palace, is located in the eastern part of the Jodhpur city. Named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, a small part of the Palace is open for tourist, among the other two parts, in one part the Royal Family resides while the other is a Luxury hotel
Damini Aggarwal
One of the world's largest private residences, it is divided into three parts: the residency of Rajputs, the museum, which is just a fraction of the palace that is open to visitors, while the rest has been converted into a luxury Hotel managed by Taj Hotels. The museum is well maintained, the vintage cars on exhibition were interesting to watch.
Riyanka Roy
Gargi Vishnoi
Another museum of Jodhpur royals, Umaid Bhavan is also a luxury hotel. It hosts hundreds of wealthy tourists everyday and is flourishing. When you visit there do not miss the exhibition of Vintage cars.
Smiti Maini
This palace was constructed in the 1940s and houses the royal family today. A part of the palace is a luxury hotel managed by the Taj group. Unfortunately, we had to return from the gates of the palace as it was closed for all visitors for the Maharaja's birthday weekend. But I visited Jodhpur 2 years after this trip to attend a friend's wedding and did visit Umaid Bhawan Palace with friends. It is a sprawling property and one of the largest private residences in the world. There is a museum in which the royal family's belongings are kept on display.
Originally built to provide employment for the famine-stricken population of Jophpur, Umaid Bhawan palace has been converted into a luxury heritage hotel. The palace is Art Deco with a hybrid of Indian-Colonial style, and has a private museum as well as a marbled squash court. It offers city tours in a vintage car along with other unique delights.