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June - February
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2. Chembra Peak, Kerala
Panchami Bekal
Our second day in Wayanad started with the breakfast at out hotel apartment. We left for our trek to Chembra peak at 7 AM.About Chembra Peak:Trek timing : 7AM to 2 PM.Entrance : On the spot permissions from the forest department.Costs 750 for a group of 10 . Trek guide charges is also included in this . However, we can tip the guide if we are happy with the services.Total ascent of the trek : approx 4000 ft.Height of the Chembra peak : 6900 ft above sea level.The Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad. The forest department doesn’t allow for trekking till the peak but one can trek till the heart lake. The trek is really tedious (considered 6/10 on the rate of difficulty level) and it took us three hours by foot to reach the heart lake. We saw several people returning without going to the Heart lake as the last leg of the trek is very steep and requires a lot of stamina. Several stops and one pack of glucose later (that was for me, the rest of the group was fine), we made to the top. The view from the top was breathtaking. We stayed there for an hour and took some snaps and were back to the base.
Medha Dwivedi
Next day we trekked through the Chembra peak, the highest peak in Wayanad at 2100 meters above the sea level. There were two peak points that we covered by quarter of the day with the help of two guides.
Satyam Kumar
We started our 2nd day by hitting the trek for Chembra Peak which was damn beautiful and the entire region is so clean that it instantly allures you with its virgin views. I loved the entire excursion and had a fun time with rest of the group members. The entrance fee is same for one person or a group (up to 10 members). For Indians, it's Rs 750 and foreigners Rs 1500, so if you are on your own it's rather expensive. They won't allow you to go to starting point of trek by your own vehicle and provide their own JEEP for around INR 700. They also charge INR 200 as security deposit for not throwing garbage during the trek, but its refundable.
Sreshti Verma
Where: Situated in the Wayanad District, the trek to Chembra Peak begins from the foothills. To reach the foothills, take a bus from Bangalore to Kalpetta, then take a local bus or taxi to Meppadi and then hire a jeep to drop you to the foothills.Route: Start the trek from the foothills of Chembra Peak and your first stop can be the watchtower, which falls just a few kilometres in. The next few stretches from the watchtower to the end of the forest and then to the heart-shaped lake are fairly easy as well. The toughest ascent is from the lake to the peak. If there are heavy rains during your trek, skip this stretch altogether. Camping at Chembra Peak is not allowed.Duration: 4-5 hours