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It was January, it was kinda around 900m high from sea level in the Western Ghats and we were supposed to wake up by 3:30 am (Sounds scary huh?) But we had to do it as the most exciting part of the trip was ahead of us. One of the advantages of having crazy friends is making crazy moments just like playing badminton at 4 am in that wintry morning. Ha Ha. Now back to point, where are we going? It's a trek to the highest peak in Wayanad, the lovely (ya it really has something symbolic to prove that :P) Chembra peak. We had to reach the base as early as possible as only a few numbers of people are allowed to trek a day. We were the first one to reach the base station at around 6:15 am. An exquisite sunrise was a bonus for us before the trek. At around 7:30 we started the trek after walking nearly a km to reach another base station. Initially, the place gave us a forest vibe, slowly the path started to become slightly rough and of course steep. There were few foreigners also trekking with us. Also, few guides standing at certain points and helping us well. After trekking for some time, we were presented with some cool views of other peaks as well. After 3 hours of trekking, we reached the summit. This is the best trek I personally ever had, also for most of the guys with me. Naturally formed heart-shaped, the iconic destination of the Chembra peak showed us why it deserves that attention. From certain angles, we could see the perfect heart shape while you cant expect the same when you go near to it. And yeah we were clicking a lot of pics and words can't describe the broad view of nature from atop of the peak. It was almost evening after we came back to the town and had lunch. All of us were heavily strained and the most needed thing was a shower. We headed to Soochipara waterfalls, one of the beautiful falls I have seen was surrounded by dense forest and the gurgling of water was echoing around us. The water was so chill and soothed us very well to wind up that amazing day. We were surely not in a mood to leave the mesmerizing Wayanad even though we were a lot tired. But we had to. With a stern promise of coming back to explore the Western Ghats, even more, we all left that night to our cities for our routine life.
Vikram Mn
The trek was an easy one. Totally took 3 hours two and fro. Nothing much to see, quite sunny, the lake too wasn't worth it. But now when I look the picture it looks lovely. The best place was the view point where even though it was sunny, the winds made up for it. The only regret was spending 400 for auto. So total was 700 for the simplest trek yet. That too only till the lake and not to the top. Totally unworthy.The next part was to choose between Soochipara and Meenmutty falls. Thananjayan had a good idea. We went to the junction where we had to take buses. He suggested to take the first bus, no matter which falls it takes us to.In that process we got to the Meenmutty falls. The falls was at a distance of 3 km from bus stop. We didn't get an auto so had to walk to the falls. I found that walk to be better than the trek. Thananjayan got lift during the last part of the falls. The falls as such wasn't great but it wasn't much crowded so we were able to enjoy better.By the time we came to the junction where we had to catch bus to Soochipara it was 4.30. All the places there close by 5'o clock. Also we inquired whether there is water in the falls, locals said 'no' so decided to go to the room instead, after having Kattan Chaya. Love it absolutely.Next up, wanted to try out Kallu and got to the toddy shop. It was funny to not know anything and buy kallu for the first time. But thanks to a good Samaritan I was able to get a glass for 20 rupees without any problem. Followed it by Parotta, ginger beef, best beef I had had till now and aapam. In all it was a fulfilling first day.Day 2 - Thirunelli and Kuruvadeep
We wanted to go to Chembra peaks but due to some construction work, we were not allowed to do so. You must go and visit as this is one of main attractions of Wayanad. Though, we couldn't make it to the peaks, we could see the hills from a distance. It was really charming and soothing to see such great beauty.Our day ended with visiting these places. The food in Kerala is really cheap as compared to other places.
Shathrugan K
We landed at the footsteps of the hills at around 5am,since only 200 people are allowed to trek per day.The trek started at 7.30am and timings for the day are 7am-4pm.Duration we took was around 4hrs ,not coz the trek is long but owing to photoshoots we took on the way????.Some areas during the trek were steep and slippery,but the view which you get on the top is totally worthwhile????Ideal time to visit is definitely winters.Things we need to follow1) Don't carry alcohol or cigarettes.2) Water bottles will be provided and needs to be returned once the trek is over else 500rs fine per head.3) Maintain cleanliness throughout the trek and throw garbages as guides will be placed everywhere to look out on these thingsPlease do follow the above rules, coz it seems there was a forest fire that led to destruction of the trees.As a result of which the trek has an extra 3km stretch which has been banned for all visitors, depriving us of more beautiful few points.
Shathrugan K
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