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Sunset Point

Avanthika Musipatla
I always have a thing for sunrises/sunsets at the beach. It makes the view even more gorgeous, doesn't it? I was fortunate enough to reach the sunset point on time, but the clouds were a damper to my experience. With a hope to see the sunrise, I headed to the hotel.
Heena Kohli
I walk towards the Sunset Point at the Arabian Sea, probably the last point on the Indian subcontinent. But I stupidly undermine the distance to the Point and end up walking for half an hour or so. Again, me.????Nevertheless, the walk in itself makes for another compelling reason to catch the Sunset there. So I carry on, taking all those slightly-weary steps, beside a long stretch of ocean on an almost deserted road. And the peace at the end of it is just worth all the rush.
Husein Haveliwala