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Iruppu Waterfall

These waterfalls are located inn the Brahmagiri Range in the Kodagu district and are also called Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, this is a major tourist destinaton and a pilgrimage spot because of a famous Shiva temple.
Irrupu falls was magical, the short walking trail and few rocky steps were the jacks of this nature's wonderful setting, the falls was beautiful with the water flow being right in check for people to get under it and have some fresh water caress through their body and enjoy a nice bath.It was a stepped falls, with flow being altered at junctures naturally; the Sun was playing peek- a- boo with us the entire time; overall experience was good for the amount of time spent to reach the falls. After we embraced the beauty, we have started back to Bangalore and reached our abodes at safety after a 7 hour long drive.
Shweta Yadav
After breakfast we headed towards Irrupu falls. Iruppu falls is a picturesque waterfall cascading along the Brahmagiri Mountain Range in the Coorg district of South Karnataka. Amidst the evergreen forest of Western Ghats, it presents an incomparable scenic beauty adding further charm to Coorg.
Irrupu FallsLittle far from the Gonikoppal Town this superb falls are located in the Brahmagiri Sanctuary surrounded by luch greenery and mountains. The road is a total mess. You can’t even call it a road but even small cars can easily go there. There’s also a temple at the entrance of the falls and few food stalls.
Pushpendra Pandey
Irupu Falls