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Big Buddha

Susmita Deshpande
Day 2 July 16, started off with visiting the famous "Big Buddha" (coincidently it was the occasion of Guru Poornima). The humongous 45-meter tall white marble statue sits atop Nakkerd Hills in Karon sub-district. The panoramic view of the city is what makes this place a revered landmark. The special sight of Burmese dressed in traditional robes offering prayers was an add-on to this day. Karon viewpoint or the 3-beach viewpoint was a quick stop to get hold of an amazing tropical sight of Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches. Next on our plan was Wat-Chalong (a Buddhist monastery or temple) with 2 floors consisting of golden Buddha statues and a top floor that displays a fragment of bone from Lord Buddha as per the history. We got lucky as there was a local flea market on the campus this day and there we could taste the authentic country cuisine dish- the Pad Thai (stir-fried clear noodle dish topped with sprout beans) and it was way too delicious! We then gave a quick visit to the 3D trick eye museum and stopped by a souvenir shop to start on the shopping spree!Evening was leisure and we decided to walk along the Patong beach and reached Bangla road- the most happening nightlife place in Phuket. What's something not to miss on are the delicious pancakes from the street and our personal favorite was 'Banana-Nutella'
Saurav Basu
Closing it off by visiting the Big Buddha temple, situated on a hill-top. When you reach the top, you'll be mesmerized by the larger than life Buddha statue in front of you - but if turn around and look back you'll b equally mesmerized (if not more) by the panoramic birds eye view of the Andaman sea and the islands dotting it. The cool breeze (more like wind) serves as the icing on the cake. Hope you enjoyed the anecdotes of my travel to Krabi and Phuket.
Marigold Odyssey
Next day we took a bike for 300 Bht and visited Big Buddha statue which is one of the most iconic place to visit in Phuket. The bike ride is little steep so please drive carefully. You can see the spectacular view of Phuket town, beaches and don't forget to say hello to lovely cats roaming around there. Cat fan? High five