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Chhauni Museum

Sagnik Basu
The National Museum of Nepal. Opened as a public museum in the year 1938 and was christened The National Museum of Nepal only in year 1967. Previous to that, only foreign scholars and invitees or guests of the Ranas were allowed to have a look of these wonderful collections. The museum has separate galleries dedicated to statues, paintings, murals, coins and weapons. The weapon gallery is cut throat stuff. Among others, it contains various types of Nepalese swords that are called Khukri in the local language. It also contains various types of guns that range from the sultanate era Turkish long barrel to the Royal Enfield built British guns. The coins segment. The oldest coin on display dates back to 12th century. There are separate coins that were issued by the warring families of Shahs and Ranas. There are various statues that have been excavated from the various parts of the kingdom. The ones from the era of the Buddhist dominance are the most impressive.