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Kathmandu Durbar Square

Location of Kathmandu Durbur Sqaure: Kot Sqaure, KathmaduEntry Fees: 1. For Non SAARC Country Citizens : Nepal Rupees 1000,2. For SAARC Country Resident: Nepali Rupees 150 (Plus the Camera Charges)One of the three Durbur sqaure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site showcasing the skills of Newar articts and craftsmen as well as spectecular architectures. The durbur square lies in the royal region and holds the palaces of King Ratan Mallah and Prithvi Narayan Shah who ruled over the city.
Rajat Kumar
One day, we skipped the seminar and we were roaming in the city. We entered the market and kept on walking. And we reached Darbar square. There were several ancient monasteries. There, we met two girls who were clicking pictures. They invited us for some event at Patan Dhoka. They gave us the address and time. We spent some time and then we departed. And I had a friend in Kathmandu. We used to chat a lot on FB. Thus, I texted her and told her that I was in her city. So, we also decided to meet. She gave me the address. I and Dinesh made this plan that first we would meet my friend and then we would move to Patan.
Sonal Agarwal
3:00-5:00: Kathmandu Durbar Square is an attractive tourist spot in Kathmandu. The place is known for the Old Royal Palace that sits right in front of the square. With exquisite architecture on all sites, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great place to learn about Nepal's history.
2. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Durbar Square is an important remnant of Nepal's history as a kingdom and perhaps the most glorious of all the places to visit in Nepal.
Manish Kumar
Kathmandu: Capital and largest city in Nepal (Day 1 to 3)While there are a lot of things said about the capital city, like it is dirty or over-crowded. But we would say with confidence that any such complaints about Kathmandu would be cancelled out with the wealth of attractions the Nepal city holds!Dirtiness is a judgment of value, that can vary based on cultures. Crowds though there represent the soul of the place.