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Two Metal Tourists
After a horrific case of waiting a long time for a taxi and getting sunburnt during, we crawled back to our air conditioned haven, our hotel. The sun was blasting and there was no way either of us had the energy to do any of the sightseeing we’d planned in the afternoon.A sweet nap and a buff-ey lunch later, we found ourselves cursing each other for being absolute sloths. I had promised The Other Tourist that Boudha was worth seeing and he’d fall in love with it, immediately.Willing to move to catch the sunset, we raced through the streets of Thamel to hail a cab to Boudha Stupa. It was fast paced but by the time we reached, the sun had already crossed the finish line. Nevertheless, we walked through the entrance (no trickery this time!) and began exploring. Twilight was upon us and the whole place seemed like a carnival of lights! Shops were opening and closing and the energy of the place had shifted from a drab sunny day to a cool evening cheer. It was beautiful! The Stupa looked like it had come alive, seemingly vaster and taller than before with the prayer flags dancing in the wind and the music of harlequin lights.
Erica Louise
On 29th September, I was in Kathmandu, staying near the Thamel area (the polluted part), for one reason it was close to all the places I wanted to visit.Starting With Thamel itself, I began exploring the central city. Well, Thamel is the best place to get souvenirs. Though it's expensive, you should have the bargaining skills. Then I started walking towards Durbar Square because I couldn't afford to pay to the over expensive cabs. In the next three days, I went to the Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath (A temple on hills from where you can view the entire city), Boudhanath, and Pashupatinath temple.
Sandeep Gupta
This neighborhood is the main tourist attraction which is filled with amazing coffee shops, souvenir shops, street market, and some good branded outlets. Day 2 was just to explore the neighborhood by foot. I also found that there are bike rental company around the city, I rented a scooty for the next 2 days to explore the city. Its always easy to roam around if you have a conveyance. Soaking some sun on a rooftop cafe in the hustle bustle of the city and sipping some coffee, that was a perfect setup for a cold afternoon at the Mezze by roadhouse on the Durbar Marg. Did I mention about the breakfast I had at the Himalayan Java Coffee at Mandala Street. This cafe is a must visit place for coffee lovers. Day 2 ends with lots of food, coffee and visit to the market.
Rajat Kumar
Mount View Hotel, ThamelThe hotel was very cheap. It was only 500 INR which was some 312 Nepali rupees. And we had all basic amenities, like hot water, WiFi, TV, bed, sofa etc. We stayed there. There was a restaurant nearby from where we packed our food. For two days, we only spent eating aloo parantha (made in maida) and the restaurant owner was very surprised to see that we ate so many aloo paratha.
Reshma Narasing
1. Explore Thamel for vibrant souvenirs & handicraftsThamel is the place where I stayed during my travel in Kathmandu.It is a bustling place totally different from the rest of the city, and its numerous accommodation options, cool cafes and art attracts the travelers very quickly.And it is THE place to shop until you drop in Kathmandu, or Nepal if I may put it.