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The Last Resort

bhagyaraj pillai
All the mundane life dwellers, this adventure is something to show the kids what mettle their father/mother is made of, in times to come. Yes! Visit Nepal and fly over the narrow river valley and who knows this might become one of the highlights of your life.Bungee jump at Bhote Kosi river is from the height of 160 Meters. Let me put it to your perspective, a 25-storey building is about 76 m high and statue of unity is 182 m high. Sound ludicrous, right? When in Nepal, Bungee!!Ticket to Jump:The Last Resort is the company which does this jump. It offers amazing adventures in spectacular settings, including the world-famous bungee jump, the amazing new and world’s highest Canyon Swing, and thrilling White Water Rafting. Their sales office is in the Mandala Street, Thamel, Kathmandu. The place is also known as Sagarmatha Building.Once you book the trip, you will be informed to be at the sales office by 5:45 AM on the day of the jump, however they won’t depart until 6:15 AM. So, no hurry, but soon!I booked for a day trip bungee package which comprised of transport, lunch and bottle of water.
Jyoti sharma
Day at Last Resort First we went for Canyon swing where you are tied to a rope around your waist and you jump. Once the rope stops swinging, the guy at the bottom picks you. From here you trek back to the resort. After this I again went for Bungee jumping. This was more difficult for me as now I was tied at my ankles rather than waist and I had to look down and jump. Again here we trek back to the resort after the adrenaline rush. After Lunch, we left for Nepal-Tibet border on bikes. The place was busting with trading activities. There were lot of trucks and packages. People were moving packed stuff here and there. We went on the bridge (Photography is not allowed at the line). Half of it belongs to Nepal and half to China.