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मुन्नार एक खूबसूरत शानदार और अति आकर्षक मन को लुभाने वाला हिल स्टेशन है। मुन्नार एक मलयालम शब्द है जिसका अर्थ है तीन नदियों का संगम यहां आपको 3 नदियां एक स्थान पर मिलती हुई दिखाई देंगी। मुन्नार केरल के इडुक्की जिले में स्थित है। इस हिल स्टेशन की पहचान है यहां की चाय की खेती बंगले छोटी नदियां झरने और ठंडा मौसम। मुन्नार केरल और तमिलनाडु दोनों राज्यों से आसानी से पहुंचा जा सकता है। मैंने यहां self-drive कार से यात्रा की।We departed from Madurai towards Munnar road journey was too enjoyed. We have to cover 150 kilometre to reach our resort in chinnakanal.Chinnakanal is 15 kilometre from Munnar and the route is totally curvaceous and Takes to various waterfalls. These waterfalls are the treat to the eye.At evening we reach Munnar and we mesmerized by the view tea garden spread like a green carpet. We have not booked any resort so we have to find a resort there. There are four to five good resort in chinnakanal 1.Mahindra club resort2. sterling Munnar 3.the siena village
3. ChinnakanalChinnakanal has some stunning panoramic landscapes in its vicinity with some major attractions like Lockhart Tea Estate, Periyakanal Tea Factory, Power House Waterfalls and Anayirangal Dam amongst others which one can enjoy by avoiding the hordes of tourists. We found Chinnakanal to be more calm and serene than Munnar. We spent hours driving around in Chinnakanal and stopping at every nook and corner to capture its beauty through the lens the beautiful roads of Chinnakanal Walking through the beautiful tea plantations soaking in the sights and aroma Taking a stroll in the lush tea estates near the Power House Waterfalls
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 We had a stop at Chinnakanal that provides panoramic view of the green hills and then continued our journey towards Thekkady.As we moved far from Munnar, the tea fields gradually vanished from the view and the sweet aroma of the spice plantations became more and more prominent. We could see the various kinds of plantations spread abundantly at both sides of the road. On the way We visited one of the plantations and our guide took us through the plantation identifying each and every plant and describing their use in various industries such as medicine, cosmetics and spices. We saw cardamom, coffee, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger etc grown profusely and it was quite interesting to know how various parts of a plant such as the fruit, the seed, the flower, the root and the leaves are used for different purposes. 
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Day 6: 22 kilometers of the main Munnar town, we head off to this small town of Chinnakal. While the active rider in you will enjoy the steep and gradual climbs, you'll just not be able to take your eyes off the incredible landscape of the scenic tea plantations. We will just continue to relax and enjoy the day, along with sipping the famous tea of Munnar. Those of you who've been looking forward to getting enlightenment on the panch-tatva, Fort Munnar at Chinnakanal is the perfect spot spend the day and night. Amidst the spice-filled aromatic environment of the hills, this Retreat is the ideal place to rejuvenate yourself and shape your mind, body and soul.