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Illickal Hill

Gunjan Upreti
"One has to see certain places and falls short of words to describe the awesomeness properly. We spent a few hours there in Illickal mala and proceeded to see Marmala stream which actually was even better" – Jerrin IssacRead - In search of the mysterious Neelakoduveli by Jerrin Issac
Jerrin Issac
Numerous mountain streams in this peak, 6,000 ft above sea level flow down to form the serene Meenachil River. Tourists have to trek about 3km to reach the top of the hill. Three hills each rising to 4,000 ft and above together form this huge hill. Each of these hills have a peculiar shape. One of them resembles a mushroom owing to which it gets its name Kuda Kallu (Mushroom shaped rock). Also, the medicinal herb Neela Koduveli which bathes the hillside in blue, grows here. This flower is believed to possess supernatural powers which could increase wealth and ensure a rich harvest. The Second hill has a small hunch hence named as Koonu Kallu (Hunchback Rock) and across this rock is a 1/2 feet wide bridge called Narakapalam (Bridge to Hell). Fascinating thing about the place is that from the hilltops one can see Arabian Sea in the distant horizon as a thin blue line. A must visit place guys and easily accessible too. Situated around 20-25kms from Erattupetta in Kottayam District, Kerala this sure is a place one should not miss during their trip to Kerala or for local population to hang out with.