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RK Othukkungal
Met these 50+ youngesters from josegiri, they're younger than any of us, we did awesome trekking, off-road driving and many things together, truly they inspired me in Many ways, their stories, life, adventures, philosophies and many things, eventually team beacame  like a family  and more,the best thing I have learnd from them that 'age is not a matter to do adventures and being good friends' - Age is just a 'number'Eventually the team started to grow beyond the age limit,Baba from Oman he is youngest member-88 year old man  and the oldest man  is Nikki -22 year old, in between that all different aged people are there, doctors, engineers,farmer, driver, advocates but all are same there, we cooks together, we celebrate festivals together, we sing, dance, yeah.. and much more, this is life, the real life, and one of my answer for ' why you traveling like this' -Meet beautiful souls around the globe,they can inspire you more, to do adventures, to be a good man,Dr jamshil took this photo during  wonderful trek to thirunettikallu-josegiri, unforgettable days and everlasting memories.. Experience Everything and enjoy every moment, life is too short .. Josegiri | Kannur - Coorg border | Kerala August 2015 .insta @rkgraphy__