Kabini River

Ashish Jain
The beauty of the place is further enhanced by the presence of Kabini river which flows just beside the center.All throughout the day one can hear the crystal clear sound of water flowing. The beauty and tranquillity of the place can only be seen and felt. No words can do justice to that. Coming to the point what I was doing at that kind of place, I went there to have a break from city life. Rejuvenation with infusion of new energy was what I was looking for. And the center is just perfect for that.The center is employing the ancient ayurvedic principles in treatment. From food, medicines, herbs, oils almost everything is either grown indigenously or procured from the forests. Everything is organic to the core. I have not seen the ayurveda principles being followed so religiously anywhere.The rejuvenation program employs holistic approach towards the body. The day starts with pooja followed by yoga for body. Thereafter the tasty organic breakfast.Break of 1-2 hr is given and then the time for massages. Again it's time for yoga but for mind called nidra yoga.People interested can later attend kairali sessions which is a form of martial art.Healthy lunch and rest. Evenings are for pooja/ yoga again. Otherwise one can just go for a walk in the wild or enjoy the time at river side.Only those who are interested in having peace and solitude should go at this place. You will find travellers from all over the world. Talk, discuss and learn from each other's experience.