Kattakkada 1/undefined by Tripoto


Salim Islam
I get up early when I am travelling. It gives me a headstart and I have all the time in my hand. However, I fail at it sometimes. Today was one of those days. In my defence, it was my birthday, the monsoons had just arrived and it was raining heavily (it was heavier than a drizzle) when my alarm rang at 5:45 am. Rahul and I had some vadas (if you can't seem to find the right snack, go for the vadas at any shop) and hopped on to a KSRTC bus to Kattakkada and from there on to the Neyyar Dam. It was a little uphill hike to the forest department's office. A guy offered us a ride in his motor cycle (Swades mode on). Eyes on the right; green hills submerged in the reservoir water, dreaming tourists sitting by the road and gazing at the horizon, local people going about their daily chores and a whole lot of preserved citrus fruits. We reach the office of the Assistant Wildlife Warden and there I learnt how much the WTI was loved across ranks at a forest department office. WTI had just distributed sleeping bags and tents for the forest guards.