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Trip Jodi
Trip Jodi
Kava is a beautiful green-land surrounded by mountains all around and its near the Malampuzha dam and is hardly 13km from Palakkad.We visited Kava on a fine October Sunday. We were well aware of Kava's wonderful sunset view, hence we planned to reach there by evening. Best time to visit Kava is in the evening.On the way from Palakkad to Kava.. we traveled through forest, with trees having their branches touching ground in such a way that people can climb and swing over them.
Suraj Nair
I have been visiting Malampuzha in Palakkad for some years now visiting the famous Malampuzha gardens,fantasy park and all the places that you would hear off and everybody was aware of.During this trip I spoke to one of the locals and enquired about any off beat places that he was aware off ,he recommended me kava which was a place just few kilometers away from the famous malampuzha garden I decided to try this out.The roads were very good, there was this pleasant breeze that was blowing throughout and I finally saw this amazing vast massive piece of  land which was surrounded by this beautiful mountains on all sides and this beautiful lake in the middle,the view was simply breathetaking and I fell in love with this  place instantly.I just sipped on a glass of tea from one of the small thattukadas (Tea shop) and enjoyed the magnificent natures creation that was in front of my eyes.This place will be surely one of the retreats  I will be visiting everytime I come to my homeland and would surely recommend anybody visiting here it has to be hands down the number one on the top things to do in this beautiful district called palakkad.