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Munroe Island

The Fervid Traveller
The morning canoe ride was absolutely serene. Just the sound of the water as you float along on the country boat through the mangroves. Bird spotting, a random splash from a fish jump, and the occasional need to bend down as you pass by a low-lying branch. It's a beautiful experience.
Saheli Bera
Munroe island is hidden gem in backwater of Kerala. It is approximately 50 Km away from Varkala. I booked a private cab from Varkala and it did cost me Rs. 2500/- to reach Munroe. I rented a wooden row boat with boatman. He charged me Rs. 1500/- for two hours boat ride. I chose not to bargain. The main reason of the leniency from my end was Munroe island is not at all a popular and commercialised place. These boat ride services are mainly run by the local fishermen. There is no third party involved with hidden charges. So apart from fishing, this boat ride trips for tourists is the other major source of income for them. But if you feel to bargain you can and bring down the charge to Rs. 1000/- or so.
Say Kerala and everyone goes about Alleppy, Munnar, Kochi and so on. But I was on the quest to check out few offbeat destinations which aren't very crowded or famous. Thus ended in Munroe island, Kollam district.Imagine staying in a place at night where everything around you is pitch black, thus scaring oneself and fellow travelers, yet the beauty of the place can't be explained once you see it in the morning. Well, welcome to Munroe nest, a homestay with few cottages facing the canal. It's a view certainly so different from our busy city lives.Wake up early in the morning and you're headed for a sunrise cruise where one is taken in a vanji, read small boat in the canals and which later leads to Ashtamudi kaayal (lake). On the way one can see coir making, fishing, duck farms and so on, a regular village tour. Once you enter the Ashtamudi lake, there's the stillness that one looks forward to. The lake lies ahead, majestic yet calm. One tends to forget every other tension in life and enjoys being with nature. The sunrise point is reached where amongst the tall coconut trees, one sees the sun slowing arising from the horizon, such a spectacular sight. After which the cruise is headed to the famous mangrove spot where a natural Arch is formed and beautiful pictures can be clicked.The entire tour for us was scheduled for three hours. Definitely a much needed relaxing nature tour.And also do try the famous crabs and seafood here which is fresh.If you're a traveller, then add this to your bucket list.
Munroe Island
We woke up early next morning to take an early morning boat ride in Munroe island. The ride took us through the backwaters throughout the village. We had a chance to see life in a small island village and take a pleasant ride.We also took a ride in the lake surrounding the resort which was very calm and serene. We cycled around the village and took a glimpse of the little backwater town. The food was very delicious, especially fried fish and prawns.