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Muthalamada South

Ashith Kv
#CoffeeWithTripoto Little did i expect, when we cancelled couple of other travel plans and decided to travel to the native of one of my roommates. Muthalamada is a small kerala village which is very close to Tamilnadu. The scenic landscape and its inherant lush green decor is a real tourist delight. I could understand from his father that the place has acclaimed reputation in mango export and he showed me a huge godown. It was his old ancestral house which they refurbished with outer additions. The long verandahs, wooden roofing, even through the windows it was nature at its best. We stepped out to have a ride. It was a rainy season, adding on to the vibe. The place has dams all over. Meenkara,Chinnar, Muthalamada, Seetharkund, and so on. Spread out rice fields, greenery and the entire weather was so incredible. We dropped by Chinnar dam and couple of others in a row. Hardly anyone knew about these places i thought. There was not much crowd anywhere we went. From there we moved to Seetharkund. This was real ecstacy. We walked quite a distance uphill. Any random click was worth lakhs. That was what the scene was. After trekking a good distance, we reached a natural pool. As we had our friend along who has grown with this, we took a dip in the falls. It is really difficult to express how magical that was. Purest form of water in the purest natural setting. The trek down was making me think a lot of things. Ya! a visit to nature will make you philosophical. An early morning ride to the Chulliyar dam was another plan. There is a huge boundary wall for the dam. There was a slight drizzle and it was a misty morning. We stopped by a small tea shop. From there we headed towards Palakappandi . As vehicles cant traverse the way, we chose to trek. That was a little hard trek. After atleast an hour of trek we reached a super silent space with water falls and nothing else. There was another group of people there. They were cooking chicken with pepper. Accepting their kind invitation, we had a bit in a leaf. I could hear nothing at all other that the loud but sweet flow of water, and the birds. Spending some time there, we stepped down and headed to the authentic toddy shop which he used to speak high of. Recieving a warm welcome, we ordered for all kind of meat available. Not just the tast of it, but the serene space oof dining and the warmth of people made it more delicious. On a two day flash visit, we could explore this much at Muthalamada, i am sure there is a lot more to see. Also the much celebrated tourust space Nelliyambathy is very close to Muthalamada. I was rejuvenated and completely recharged when i was travelling back. I wasnt feeling even a slightest tiredness. This is real Natural Therapy. Get cured by Nature.