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On my last day in Wayanad, I decided to explore some more forests. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is another huge forest situated on Kerala-Tamil Nadu Boarder. There is a wildlife museum very close to the gate. Anyone particularly fond of forest honey can buy from here. There is also a long forest trek inside which I could not explore due to some restrictions. There are a lot of coffee and tea plantations on the way to Muthanga. In the reserved forest region one can also spot teakwood and rubber plantations.Since it was my last day in Kerala, I also decided to give a shot to the traditional massage of Kerala. The experience was good but it is a very commonly available service to the tourists. One should be wary about the exclusive authentic services.I spent my last evening in Kerala drinking Toddy with my guide Joseph.Toddy is the local booze of kerala made from the fermentation of coconut. It is economically affordable liquor for the locals and is now banned by the Kerala Government in many areas as it can be very harmful if it turns toxic.My friend Joseph got it from his friend’s shop near Muthanga and we were sure of its condition. A lot of personal stories emerged that evening and we realized how North India is so very different from south India.Though Kerala is one of the most prosperous state in India people still lead a fairly simple life there. Life is indeed very beautiful in the green suburbs of Kerala.During my last drink, I invited Joseph to North and witness the fast life that city dwellers cannot seem to live without these days.In fact, I even promised him that I will return to Kerala soon as I can never see enough of Kerala. From back waters to sea shores from dense forests to beautiful tea gardens Kerala has always been one of the perfect destinations for travelers in India.Frequent searches leading to this page:-Kerala tour packages with price, Kerala honeymoon packages kesari, Kerala luxury honeymoon, Kerala honeymoon packages 3 days, Alleppey honeymoon packages, 2 day honeymoon packages in Kerala