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Munnar: land of three rivers. One of the best hill stations in South India. Top Station was the top-notch spot. Besides that the special attractions are tea museum, mattupetty Dam, Echo point, Blossom Park, Kundala Lake and some sunset points. Our hotel was situated 8 kms downhill Munnar at Pallivasal. The scenic beauty in Pallivasal is awe-striking. We enjoyed brilliant shows of Kathakali and Kalaripayattu in back to back days there.
Urvashi Sharma
Pallivasal WaterfallNext we went to see pallivasal waterfall which is situated near Devikulam. The view of this falls is breathtaking. The sight of the roaring water around is something which you can never remove from your thoughts. The view of the Falls will look as if it was created artificially, but it's natural and the height of the fall is also good.
Gayatri Manu
Punarjani Munnar Settle down on your front row wooden plank and get a quick class on the most popular folk arts of Kerala – Kathakali and Kalaripayyatu. The appeal of the performance seems to be in it’s lack of refinement, be it the seating conditions of the audience or the lighting onstage, but it’s performed with such vigour and sincerity that you soon learn to ignore the buzz of that particularly stubborn mosquito around your ear. The acts are very accessible to every sort of audience – it includes live commentary on the performance and a segment of the evolution of the folk art forms.