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Pookode Lake

Swetha Karthik
Pookode LakeThe first destination was Pookode Lake. In the dilemma of choosing between "why to visit the same damn places that all others visit?" and "What would it be to visit the most popular place at a secluded time of the year?" we started our monsoon trip to Wayanad. And it indeed paved well. Deserted lakes and parks, again made us own the entire neighborhood for some time.
Vikram Mn
After clicking some photos and taking videos we proceeded for short complimentary trip to Pookode Lake which I had already been when I went to Wayanad to trek Chembra peak. It felt horrible that time with huge crowd, this time it felt horrible with no crowd. Anyways we took a boat and went pedal boating around the lake. We took an executive boat which meant there would be a roof on the boat, that saved the tyranny to some extent. Next proceeded to Lakkidi View Point which again was nothing interesting in hot sun but shot some mandatory photos and returned back.
Vikram Mn
We followed it by Pookote lake which was just a better version of Kodaikanal lake, before going in there we had a sarbat after being advertised so much about the naturally cooled water. Pookote again isn't really a tourist spot but a good weekend relaxation spot.
Sushmita Saxena
From the morning sessions of yoga to the guided trek to the tropical rain forests surrounding the resort ; from that leisurely walk to a waterfall near the property, to the complimentary spa sessions, this resort will not disappoint you in any manner.I spent my first day of the trip exploring all this beauty of the property.Next day, I covered a few tourist attractions near this resort. To begin with, I explored the Lakkidi View Point and a local coffee plantation site first. I also visited the Pookode Lake. Visitors can be seen enjoying a boat ride in its calm water, but I spent my time cycling around the lake, enjoying the weather and scenic views. I was lucky to spot the Sun Halo from this lake, which is a rare phenomenon visible only in 100-250 years.
Kanav Gulati
We did not indulge in any boating activities as we were still hungry and did not want to spend any more energy.After an hour at the lake, taking in the sights, we head over to take a look at the Chain tree. As per the legend, there was a local tribal chieftain who helped certain British engineers in charting a way through Wayanad forests. The viceroy had earlier announced a handsome reward to anyone who would be able to build a road across the forest. In order to steal the credit, the British engineer murdered the local.But the soul, as they say, is immortal. The soul of the wronged local, known as Karinthandan, started troubling passengers which resulted in a number of accidents.Due to this, the locals called a sage who chained the soul of Karinthandan to a huge Banyan tree.Rumour has it that the chain increases in length along with the tree every passing year.