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At sharp 5:30am , I and my 6 friends set out for the trip to Ranipuram . Around 6:30 we parked for having tea in Kaladka , which is very famous for Kaladka tea/ coffee !! After having tea we set out towards Kerala via Suliya . On the way we stopped in a road side restaurant and had breakfast . After having our full , we reached trekking spot around 10am . It was very hot , so we made sure to carry 2bottles of water and a cap /umbrella . had to pay a minimal amount to enter inside the forest area to start the treak . After walking for 10 mins we reach the meadow and from then on we again have to travel through a small forest in between . This is something which made it unique from my other trekking experience !! We could see elephant poopings all over the place . We walked on the meadow for about 1.5 hours with the already emptied bottles in our bag !! Tired and exhausted we took rest in a small cottage that was made of hay for a while and then again began our journey .We climbed 2 hills later on to realise that there was an easier route to it . But we dint regret climbing the hill because we got amazing picture of the famous Ranipuram hill from that location .After taking rest for a while we again climbed the 3rd hill and the climb was worth it as the scenic view was amazing !!After spending 10_15mins clicking pictures of the place and enjoying the scenary we set out for return journey .It was much easier than the climb and we were at the base ticket counter around 1 pm. After getting fresh we had cold juice from the shop nearby we set out back home to manglore .PS : do carry lot of water , a cap and food to eat as there is just 2 small shops present nearby .We reached manglore around 6pm .Had icecream in the famous ideal cafe and went to respective homes.
Soumya Hari
It was a suddenly planned trip a month before when I was in Mangalore. A friend of mine is there in Payyanur and we both wanted to go for a one day trip convenient for both. As per her suggestion, we decided to go to Bekal fort, which is one of the main tourist destinations in Kasaragod. But spending a whole day in Bekal Fort was not a good idea. So after some research, we decided to go for a trek to Ranipuram also. We were so excited and thrilled to meet up and to make memories that last forever. On June 24th, 2018 early morning I started the journey from Surathkal. Our entire trip was dependent on public transportation. So I reached Mangalore bus stand from Surathkal by bus at 7:00 am and got into a Kasaragod bus and further another bus to Bekal fort from Kasaragod. I reached Bekal fort by 9:30am. There, my friend was waiting for me at the bus stop. The fort is 300m from the bus stop. Since there's no hotel there, we had a snack breakfast from a stall inside the fort. There were only a few visitors there on that day. So the fort was very calm and quiet. The fort is very beautiful and the view of the sea from the fort is breathtaking. After spending enough time there, we headed to Kanhangad by 11:00am. We already had an idea of which bus we should get in to reach Ranipuram through our research. So without much delay, we got into a bus heading to Panathoor from Kanhangad bus stand at 12:00pm and got down at Panathadi bus stop by 1:30pm. There is about 8km from Panathadi to Ranipuram. There are jeep services available there. You can get there by auto rickshaw also. So we didn't wait for the jeep because we have to get down as soon as possible. The rickshaw fare was ₹200. On the way, the rickshaw driver told us that there will be no transportation services to get down from Ranipuram to Panathadi. That made us worried a little. So we bought that rickshaw driver's mobile number to call if we don't get any taxi or jeep. He was a very nice person. We reach Ranipuram by 2:00pm. The trek was an easier one. It's about 2km to get the top of the hill. The hill was fully covered by fog and the green grasslands and the dense forest was super awesome. The rain made it even more beautiful. We were aware of the leeches(Leeches are very common there; especially in rainy season). But luckily we didn't find a single one there. We took almost 3 hours to complete the trek. We completed the trek by 4:30pm. We called that rickshaw driver since there were no taxi services available from there to Panathadi. By 5:00pm we reached Panathadi. The trip was super fun and memorable. *Now a special mention about the people we met in our trip~ The guard there in the Bekal fort; he is a nice man. We had a friendly chat with him and he's a very responsible guard. Then the rickshaw driver; he is very helping and his genuine concern made us feel so safe and comfortable. Now the guide therein Ranipuram who helped us to reach the top of the hills and clicked some pictures of us. This kind of good people I meet while traveling is the best part of my travel stories...
Ishvani Hans
In the Kasargod district of Kerala is Ranipuram, popularly known as the ‘Ooty of Kerala’ and previously called Madathumala. It is an offbeat trekking destination, which is sparsely populated and provides panoramic views as you walk across misty, lush green grasslands. Due to the length of the trail, Ranipuram makes for a perfect one-day getaway if you reside in or around Mangalore or in the northern part of Kerala.
Ishvani Hans
After reaching Ranipuram, start your trek from the DTPC guest house. Most of trek will be through dense shola forests. It will take you around 45 minutes to reach the top, where you will be greeted by huge boulders, picturesque views and gusty winds. The views from the top are often compared to the views one gets in Ooty, the popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. The hills showcase the beauty of the Western Ghats and make for a delightful short journey.While the Ranipuram trek is perfect for a one-day trip, you can plan your trip for a weekend and explore some areas nearby such as Bekal Fort and Kappil Beach. Stay at Taj Bekal Resort and Spa if you want to splurge; Deira City Regency if you're looking for a budget stay; Emirates Regency if you're looking for something in the mid-range.