Thamarassery 1/undefined by Tripoto


Shoaib Mohammed
The journey started with lots of lies to friends and family. We started around 5 am on 5th Dec from my town Thamarassery. We kickstart the bikes and we headed to the famous thamarassery ghats. Our first stop was on the 4th hairpin bend in thamarassery ghats road. We went to the masjid for prayer and returned fast. Then we reached the top and enjoyed the scenic beauty for a while and moved again. As the traffic was low we conqured the roads so fast with giddiness of a schoolboy!. We reached the kl-Ka border around 8 and took a few snaps and entered Muthanga forest range. We met some fellow ridsrs from there and moved on. our next stop was at gundelpet for the breakfast. We rolled again at 9 after breakfast. The warm roads and vast fields surrounding welcomed us from the cold morning.we reached Mysore around 10 and wandered around Mysore palace for a bit. Then we entered the Mysore - Bangalore highway. We saw some cops on the way but luckily they didn't stopped us. We reached srirangapatana within 30 minutes and took the road to Shimoga. I Hadint seen a road like that in my life time. I checked the odo once and came to know that the road was straight for the last 25 kms.with just some ups and downs. We reached shimoga by 6 and headed straight to masjid for prayers. After that we started to look for a cheap hotel and found one. The day ended with nothing much special incidents. Day 2: