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Uravu Bamboo Grove

Aakanksha Magan
Uravu Bamboo Grove is just the escape you had been seeking. Situated next to the bamboo village Thrikkaipetta, Uravu Bamboo Grove is a part of an eco-friendly community tourism project located on the elevated and picturesque mountain plateau of Wayanad, Kerala. Encircling a bamboo grove and a beautiful pond, Uravu's main purpose is to develop and run a sustainable, eco-friendly tourism venture by involving and benefiting the local community.
Purnima Manhas
Among the common crops in Wayanad are coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon. The amount of rainfall that the region receives helps these plantations which makes it a center of attraction. To visit Bamboo processing factory turned a memorable experience while you watch the processing at different stages. From furniture to mats, to attractive ornaments, we get unimaginative products made of bamboo. And it doesn't end here. You have a bamboo raft too waiting to give you a pleasant ride :)Processing done by man operated machine at UravuBamboo ornaments, for sale in Uravu