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Laban Rata Mt.Climb

This is the rest area for the first climbing day where you will get a dinner and two breakfasts. Leave behind all the things that you do not need for the summit push. The guesthouse in Laban Rata provides limited space (booking through Sutera Harbour is a must) to ensure space. The rooms offer two double deck beds (4 people in one small room). Climbers usually get to bed around 8pm and prepare the next day summit push. Tips: There are three guesthouses in Laban Rata. Most climbers prefer the lower Laban Rata where the canteen is situated. Late arrivals ususally have to stay at the upper house. When you’re at 3600 meters above sea level the 200-meter climb will seem like a long way. If you have to stay in upper guesthouse, finish your dinner and then go up. You still need to come down for breakfast though. The canteen is the best place to see the sunset and even the Kota Kinabalu city lights at night which makes all the sweat and tears worthwhile.