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City Palace

The city palace is right next to the Jantar Mantar complex. The main attraction of the palace are the 4 door ways which are decorated with colours and intricacy beyond imagination.
Come here if you want to know complete history of Jaipur. Different museums which showcase weapons used, clothes, paintings, stories and darbar i.e. meeting place of Maharajas. You will come across many heritage games and facts which are an eye opener for every traveller. So come here to know everything about Jaipur.
Chhavi Vaibhav Sharma
The place where you can also experience the lifestyle of royals, residning in one half of the palace, if you ready to shell soem more bucks. But still apart from it, you can enjoy the palace beauty, cana dmire the royal dresses, arms ,ammunitions, palkis, kept in display in palace.
Santa Jocita
City Palace is one of the most captivating palace across the Udaipur city, it is situated on the banks of Pichola lake. The construction of this palace was initiated by Maharana Uday Singh. The entry to the palace is from the Hati Pol, the Elephant gate. The Bari Pol or the big gate brings one to the Tripolia, the Triple gate. The main part of the palace is now preserved as a museum displaying a large and diverse artifacts. The rooms of the palace are superbly decorated with mirrors, tiles and paintings. the City Palace also houses a crystal gallery, which boasts of royal artifacts and the world’s largest private collection of crystal. The museum comprises the Mardana Mahal (palace for the royal men) and The Zenana Mahal (palace for the royal ladies) and it leads to Lakshmi chowk a beautiful white pavilion. This place also shows the sound and light show in the evening narrating the story of Mewar Kings.
Vishal Tangirala
Udaipur is the capital of the district of Mewar in Rajasthan, India. Udaipur is famous for its lakes, palaces, forts, temples, gardens, and romantic backdrops. It was the setting of many movies, including the 13th James Bond film, Octopussy. Udaipur City Palace, A complex of small and big palaces, museums and gardens encompassing a rich blend of Rajasthani, Mughal, Medieval, European and Chinese architecture. One of the most beautiful palatial structures in Rajasthan. Originally built by Maharana Uday Singh II, it rises 30 meters above Lake Pichola and extends up to 244 meters. The palace complex has been built entirely in granite and marble. The interior with its balconies, towers and cupolas exhibits delicate mirror work, marble work, murals, wall paintings, silver work, inlay work and colored glass mosaics. The complex provides a fine view of the lake and the city from its upper terraces. Entrance: ₹115; Phone/Camera Fee: ₹225.