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Pub Street

Enjoy the local cuisine and end you day partying on the Pub street before you catch your flight next day. You would be amazed by Beer prices which was as low as 0.35 $ per glass.
Riyanka Roy
In the evening, I headed off to explore the Night Market and Pub Street, which was another unique experience! It was a buzzing affair, with street food stalls selling everything from steaks to grills, and insect roasts! There were innumerable shops offering 'fish pedicure' amongst other things! It definitely was something worth experiencing.
Sagar Pradhan
We came back and had rest, later checked out Siem Reap streets on feet and enjoyed night away at Pub street.
Gitika Saksena
What is this life if full of care, you have no time to party in Siem Reap! Lined on both sides with restaurants and bars selling cheap beer and grub, Pub Street is where everybody is at. In the beginning, it may look a bit too crowded or overpowering, but as the night wears on, the music gets louder and the whole street starts to party. Dive into The Angkor What? Bar to start your evening. If you have a good time, you may earn yourself a tee which makes for a great party souvenir. Afterwards, head to the night markets at either end of the street. What a fun way to bring your first day to a close!
Sharmistha Chaudhuri
Enjoy nightlife at Pub Street