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Pub Street

Enjoy nightlife at Pub Street
Pub Street which was once home to just a few restaurants and bars; is now a heaving tourist mecca. It's lined with a wide range of eating and drinking establishments. They all have menus in English and signs advertising various happy hours to tempt the tourists in. As the evening approaches and into the early hours the noise can be deafening and the crowds overwhelming. If you prefer something a bit more low key, the alleys off Pub Street, have more of the same, but with a more relaxed vibe. Over the coming weeks and months I'll share more about food, drink, and entertainment in Siem Reap. There are several markets in and around town, some aimed at locals, some at tourists and some at everyone. Most were here before and haven't changed much, except for the addition of a second night market and the closure of Central Market. Currently we're trying to work out the cheapest place for everyday things like food and household products. There'll be a post dedicated to shopping in Siem Reap when we've been here a little longer. Tuk-Tuks and Motos The growing number of tourists has also increased the traffic on the roads. Tuk-tuks and motos are everywhere along with cars, vans, buses and other motorised vehicles. Many people also use mountain and street bikes to get around.
Pub Street : well the name says it all doesn't it. It's a street that has a lot of pubs, music, food and party. Do not miss this part of Siem Reap
Kim Buenafe
Perhaps the best way to cap off a night in Siem Reap is to explore hangout at Pub Street. We explored the area via bicycle while checking out what the place has to offer. Expats and tourists flock Pub Street for good food, cheap drinks, affordable massage and its laid-back atmosphere.
Shereen & Dylan
This was our favourite place to hang out and enjoy a nice cold beer! There are many pubs to choose from so enjoy picking one out. Through these streets you will also enjoy seeing the small push carts people have offering snakes, grasshoppers, spiders and scorpions to eat... I must say, I didn't like the look of any, let alone tasting them!