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Bukit Bintang

Hangout at Bukit Bintang Streets:If you’re looking for fancy shopping malls, restaurants, bars and cafés, then look no further than Bukit Bintang. This popular street is the centre of KL’s entertainment scene. This is the hip and trendy part of the city, where you will find the younger generation hanging out. It’s also home to Ain Arabia, the so-called ‘Arabic district’ of KL, where you will find restaurants serving a great choice of Arabian dishes. Also you can easily find few 7/11 stores here.TIP: Bukit Bintang and Chinatown are probably the two most popular areas of the city as they are close to many of the major attractions in the city, as well as restaurants, bars, shopping and nightlife.Day 2 Kuala Lumpur:
Bukit Bintang is the Kuala Lumpur’s most happening place. The most iconic landmark here is Pavilion KL shopping mall. It is also very famous for street foods.
Vaibhav Annam
Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan P Ramlee have great nightlife places like Hard Rock Café, Beach Club Café, Sangria Island, Ava Bistro etc.
Nayana Phukan
After spending almost 1 and half hours near the Petronas, we decided to visit Bukit Bintang, which is best known as the fashion and entertainment epicentre of Kuala Lumpur and also famous for delicious food.This time we caught a GO KL bus to Bukit Bintang. GO KL’s are free public air conditioned buses running in a fixed circular route and they mostly cover all the touristy places in the city. One can also catch rapidKL buses which are paid ones and will mostly be less crouded.Bukit Bintang is perhaps the most lively place and the most happening place in KL and it looks amazing at night. There were some live performance going on the streets of Bukit Bintang and it was very much entertaining. After roaming around this area, we went to very popular food street Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang for dinner.Jalan Alor is called the cultural heart of the city’s local cuisine It is basically a strip of atmospheric air-conditioned Chinese seafood restaurants, with a row of hawker stalls set up on the five-foot walkway on both sides and plastic tables and chairs spilling out onto the road. We tried different local dishes there and all of them were very delicious.