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Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)

Sijo Varghese
Kuala Lumpur is not only about Twin Tower.
Avneet Aziz
Kuala Lumpur, being the capital, offers many tourist places for the visitors. The sky high Petronas Twin towers are a treat to the eye and the mesmerizing beauty of the KL towers is simply out of this world.
Ananya Ghosh
1) Mid Valley Mall & Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) - These malls have all the high-end stores for clothes, furniture, technology, restaurants etc. (like any other mall). Mid Valley was very close to Payal's place so we went there quite often to grab a bite or shop. KLCC is a part of the Petronas Towers and also has the Aquarium. I think both are great if you really want to splurge! Barjaya Times Square - This particular mall is not like any other mall. It has this interesting concept of street shopping in a mall. So, you get all the cheap stuff here, you can bargain all you like and it's all in an air-conditioned surrounding! Best of both worlds!
Atishay Jain
Country 1:--> Malaysia - 14 Amazing Days in a hostelHere we have volunteered for around 2 weeks in the city center of the capital of Malaysia. The place was amazing and we have met people from across the world. Check out these pics-