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Taman Negara Pahang Malaysia

Rathina Sankari
Somehow I do not seem to get enough of forests. The more the merrier. Thick, dense with a canopy of trees, impenetrable, rich with flora and fauna that has stood the test of time, this virgin expanse has been a mystery since ages. Rain forest with geological and ecological diversity has allured me since my last visit to Malaysia but unfortunately I couldn't visit her. She is more of an enigma, virgin and mesmerizing. She reveals little and shrouds the rest that leaves you wanting more. Meeting the local Bateq tribes and getting to know their way of living, culture would give a completely different perspective. Living close to nature surrounded by river, trees, waterfalls, birds far away from the concrete city life, is a fulfilling and serene experience that clears the cobwebs off your mind. A refreshing tonic to replenish the soul.