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Kuching Wetlands National Park Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Sujatha Sen
"Santubong by Day & Night" There are these lovely boat rides by day and one by night. I tried both and feel that if you plan one for the early evening that overlaps into the night, you get to see the monkeys and dolphins as well as the night animals Choose a reliable tour guide as the crocodile spotting depends wholly on a trained eye. We discovered that one sure-fire way to spot dolphins is to keep your boat behind a fishing boat. The clever fellas wait for the fisherman to discard the small fish from his nets and they catch them as they hit the water. The dolphins move in pairs, so even if you miss taking a pic of the first one, the second follows a second later...Every time! As the sky darkens you can see the lovely fireflies as well. Take something warm as it sometimes gets chilly.