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Nirvana Beach

14 hours of travelling later, we caught sight of a beautiful white sand blue water beach to our left and finally reached the property. We were so happy to see that everything was exactly the way we imagined it. We were greeted by Mahendar, the go-to person there. He showed us to our room and that was it. No formalities, no keys, no rules, nothing! Complete safety and total freedom! We loved the rustic environment and the place's closeness to nature. We immediately got ready and decided to have lunch and later explore the property. The resort had a very limited menu but the food was alright. We finished lunch, walked around the resort, absorbed the basic-ness of the place, took a nap and then at around 18:00 hr (6pm) headed out for a walk on Nirvana Beach. It was so relieving to see such few people around. We climbed a small little cliff at the extreme end of the beach to get a view of the beach behind us and the breath-taking sunset before us.
Gagan K
From there we planned to goto a place near Kumta called the Nirvana resorts. This is not exactly a resort but a beautiful local and cheap accommodation for us. What more, we get a private beach called the Nirvana beach in front of it. While it was my turn to take the bus, on our way to the bus stand , a taxi driver offered us to take us to the place for the same price as of the bus. What we didn’t know before making a deal with him, is that there were 5 more people in the Omni. We somehow got packed inside the omni and started our journey. We started talking to the people inside and then we got to know that they were in yellapaura to attend a marriage function and after a hefty meal the driver was interested to make some money for the day and called us. Those people were very friendly to us. We heard some of their local stories , listened to their funny weird local song which will crack anyone when they hear it for the first time. And finally we reached the place . Nirvana resorts were relaxing wonderful place. Since the place was deep inside the city, very few people knew about this place and we had the entire resort for ourselves. The simplicity and the beauty of the place made us fell in love with it. We chatted for a long time , played card games, told some old stories, played on the beach , explored the nearby places and had a very relaxing day.