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Caiyun North Road

Sumedha Bharpilania
This street is popular in Kunming because it is home to the gigantic Luo Si Wan wholesale market, a complex so huge that walking from one end of it to the other could feel like an Everest expedition. This place has aisles after aisles dedicated to every imaginable materialistic need of ours: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bags, kitchen appliances, furniture, handicrafts, edibles - you name it. Make sure you put your bargaining skills to good use and if in case you feel hungry, there are hawkers both inside and outside the market selling freshly roasted corn and fried goodies. Getting there: Since buses are capable of confusing most travellers, it is easy to flag taxis in Kunming. However, since the drivers do not really speak much English, make sure you have a map of your destination or ask your hotel receptionists to write down the names for you in Chinese. Luo Si Wan is relatively very popular and you could have to shell out anything above 70 Yuan. The traffic could however be a major annoyance.