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Sumedha Bharpilania
120 kilometres from the centre of Kunming, the Stone Forest or Shilin is an extremely impressive example of Karst formations for some and an indication of an unknown supreme power for the others. A cluster of giant grey limestone pillars that have weird names given to them, the forest is supposedly a result of erosions caused by wind and rainwater if one ignores the many Chinese legends attached to it. Shilin is a major tourist attraction, so do not let the crowds intimidate you. Simultaneously, do not be surprised by the exorbitant prices either, it is perfectly normal for one to pay 150 Yuan in order to enter this natural wonder. Getting there: You could rent a car from the centre of Kunming or take a taxi to get to Shilin and the best idea is to ask your hotel staff to arrange one for you. Expect to pay anything between 250 to 300 Yuan. Carry a lot of water and some food because a lot of walking and climbing steps is involved.