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Lahore Fort

Having seen only a part of the walled city the previous day, we head out to old Lahore again the next morning. We thanked the weather gods for it being a cloudy day, because the Lahore Fort, down the road from the Badshahi Mosque, is a sprawling complex that has so many interesting landmarks that walk one through what it must have meant to be a king back in the day. We kept wondering about how the Emperor would have ruled from his throne here, how he would have addressed the masses in the Diwaan-e-aam, what kind of wonderful conversations would have happened among his chosen 'gems' in the Diwaan-e-khaas, what would be going through his head while he strolled the royal gardens, what conspiracies of creation and destruction would have been hatched within these walls. Just imagining the power wielded by the Mughals while occupying this space was a rush to the head, and we both took it in quietly.