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Eagle Square Kuah Langkawi Kedah Malaysia

Swetha Kumar
Since we had our own bikes and did not need another form of transportation to commute, we rode through to see the sunset near Eagle square. the distance from Pentai to Eagle square is about 34 min (22.4km). The best thing about the journey is you get to ride through the forest amidst all the beautiful tall trees and the experience is total bliss.we arrived exactly by sunset at Eagle square and witness the blend of ocean and the beautiful man-made sculptor glowing in golden color. one can never forget to get a picture clicked towards the "I love langkawi" letter blocks.
Panchami Bekal
Dataran Lang ( The eagle square): the 12m high sculpture of the reddish brown eagle at Dataran Lang was built as an emblem of the Island.This huge statue is placed on the star-shaped platform.This place offers a great view of the Kuah bay and is a great photo point. There are food courts, shops, small ponds, cafes nearby.
Srishti Mehta
Eagle Square or Datarang Lang is Langkawi’s most prominent landmark for visitors arriving via sea. Situated near Kuah Jetty, the main attraction of the Square is the magnificiant statue of the reddish-brown eagle majestically poised for flight. According to the local folklore, Langkawi derived its name from an eagle. In old Malay, kawi denotes reddish brown hence Langkawi means ‘reddish brown eagle’. The square features many scenic ponds, restaurants, covered terraces, bridges and barrel vaults made bricks.