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Anshu Singh
The Tasik Dayang Bunting in Langkawi’s is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Geopark and resembles the shape of a pregnant lady lying on her back. Legends says that the waters of the lake possesses a mystical power that any woman who is unable to conceive a child will be able to do so after drinking the water from the lake as it has been blessed by a local princess.The last stop will be the Pulau Beras Basah where we enjoyed hanging around the white sandy beach. If you are interested you can try for water sports activities are also in the island.PULAU PAYAR MARINE PARK: You will regret if you miss this place… it is definitely worth it! 45 minutes on a speedboat and we arrived at the inhabited island that is strictly regulated by the Fisheries Department of Kedah to preserve the original condition of the marine park.
adithyan sivaraman
Kilim Geoforest Park - You must visit the Geo forest park. This is one of the main attractions in Langkawi. Since there are many Tamils in this place we got a bargain for three hour tour which includes Bat cave, crocodile cave, fish farming, Eagle feeding and Andaman Sea
Vipul Mehta
The Kilim Geoforest Ride: From the Tanjung Rhu beach, we hired a private boat who took us to the mangrove forest areas of the Kilim Geoforest. In the ride we came across Eagles, fish farms, mangroves, yachts, the backwaters, and most importantly the serene beauty of the Kilim Geoforest Park. Looking at that place gave me a feeling that till the time we have all this greenery preserved on such remote places of the plant, global warming and climate change are not the treats we should worry too much about. The ride cost RM 180 per person, which is on pricier side but definitely one you should consider.After spending four days at Langkawi, we finally marched back home by taking a cab from the Tanjung Rhu resort to the Langkawi Airport. From Langkawi Airport we had our first flight to KL Airport and then after a few hours wait our flight back home to New Delhi T3.Which brings me to the conclusion of this rather long description of our two weeks stay at the beautiful country of Malaysia! But then, there are so many places to see and to go to and so many memories to create that even 15 days is too little a time to actually visit the entire of Malaysia. Nonetheless, being a predominantly Muslim country, although you will find a lot of women wearing the traditional Muslim Hijab, at the same time you will also find a lot of them working at fuel pumps, at ticket counters, at the airports and bus stations, at shops, at the metro, at beaches and in the countryside, engaging themselves into means of livelihood even at odd hours of the day. The environment is open and safe for both sexes to work and coexist and to add value to the country’s development and to their own emancipation.All in all, if you are planning a trip with your family or your partner, Malaysia is definitely the place to be!You’ll love it, my promise!Book Malaysia Tour Packages