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Rachita Saxena
7. Langkawi
Rashmi Shenoy
We then collected our luggage from the hotel and booked a taxi till Penang bus stop (Sungai Nibong) from where we had to catch a bus to Kuala Perlis. Reached in time for the last ferry which leaves at 6 pm from Kuala Perlis and takes an hour to Langkawi. Upon reaching Langkawi, we booked a Grab to reach our stay for the next 2 days (Langkawi stay - Panorama resort). Tired of travelling, we retired for the day.Please do visit my blog for more information and pictures :)
Sea Vibes
Desi Gypsy
Langkawi!!! Land of beautiful Mangroves and Beaches. My trip to this amazing panoramic Island situated in Malaysia was with my besties. An experience worth penning down. A trip to remember forever!!!
Our first day, we only checked out the property and chilled at the pool.