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You can explore Pakse before flying out of Laos.Some Tips:Boat Tickets: Always get your ticket from the official ticket office, located right by where the boat departs.Be Respectful – When taking part in the Tak bat, be respectful of the monks and do not get too close to them to take pictures.Dress conservatively while visiting the temples.There are plenty of backpackers hostel at different places in Laos.
Pakse is supposedly the fourth largest city of Laos. That’s not saying much considering Vientiane is so sleepy that you barely remember it’s a capital city. It is located 670km away from Vientiane and is nestled along the Sedon River and the mighty Mekong. The town itself is quite cute, with wide roads, open spaces, and actual footpaths you can use, though most are very dusty and muddy and being Laos, there are a few holes in the ground and rogue metal railings poking out so watch your step. Pakse is the logical gateway to the South of Laos, and is primarily used as a base to see the surrounding Bolaven plateau, the Khmer temples, and most famous of all, the 4,000 islands (Si Phan Don).