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Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochey Airport

Dipti Goyal
Day 1 - Delhi to LehThe moment I touched down in Ladakh, I was sure this is going to be a magical experience. Fortunately, I got a window seat, So it gave me the opportunity to click the jaw-dropping beauty of the sky.I landed in Leh at around 9:30 AM. As it was a group trip of 6 people and I never went on a group trip, so I was more excited about my first group trip.Before going to Ladakh, I always thought that Ladakh is a place for young people. But my thought changed completely when I met with my group members. We were 3 couples, we and 2 other couples. One couple was in their 60s and the other one was about 50.We were waiting for our driver at the airport, then we first met with those couples who were traveling with us. Frankly speaking my excitement about the trip had just vanished. We were thinking like how we will enjoy ourselves with those people. Anyways we reached our hotel snow view, the staff was so good. They welcomed us warmly. They suggested us to stay at the hotel for the full day to acclimatize ourselves with the environment.
Day 1 - Acclimatization Yeah Initially we also thought its a Crazy Idea!!! But as it was our fourth anniversary we thought of doing something very unusual ...At least for us!!!! The fun part was we were the only guest in our hotel who weren't there for the famous "Chadar Trek" ;) . Bit difficult it was to reach there from 25 Degrees to -10 Degrees and catching up with the cold and unfortunately the hotel we chose was the worst. It was worst of the worst hotel with no heater so rather then worrying about acclimatization at 11000 Ft I was more worried about consuming Rum as soon as possible ;)
nikhil Satpute
Drop to Leh airportLeh airport is not that catchy but flying over from leh to delhi is memorising the scenic view of the mountains seems like an ice cone the view should not miss sunrays falling on the mountains its very astonishing.Total trip inclusive of flights from Mumbai-Chandigarh return flight from Leh to delhi and delhi to Mumbai, Stay, food costs around 50K per person.#On high altitudes intake of water should be in regular intervals to maintain the oxygen level, so don't compromise on water intake.#See to it that you or your driver/guide is carrying an oxygen tank.#If there is uneasiness in breathing, drink some water and sit for a while breathing in an out, like meditating, don't panic.Photo credits- Milan, santosh, manisha, alpesh, bhakti, alpesh, pratik,punit
Shweta Yadav
Relaxing in the lap of nature relieves you of your stress and physical pain that is what i resorted to on reaching the land of almighty.
Aasish Sudarsanan
Travel back day!26th September 2017Might wanna a cab pre order thats the one thing you might wana ensure for your travel to airport. Getting a cab the very last min is a bit a task in leh.Places i missed!