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Leh Market

On our way back we left the cab around Leh market. We were looking for some mementos to take back with us. Only a few souvenir shops were open as it was not the tourist season. We decided to take a look inside the government emporium. The emporium seemed to be a better option than the street side vendors who seemed to be trying to squeeze money from us for some really cheap items. There were also a few other well stocked shops selling everything from the Tibetan flags to intricate thankas, gold plated figures of Tibetan gods and goddesses and incense sticks. There were several shops on the main street and other small by lanes. Most of the shops, however, were closed.Our next obvious target after some shopping was to try some authentic Ladakhi food. All we could manage to find was a Tibetan restaurant named “The Tibetan kitchen”. The restaurant did not have a very encouraging look and looked quite dingy. We ordered some basic Thukpas. But the food was super-hot and very tasty.After food we strolled around a little more considering it was our last evening in Ladakh. With the fading ray of the sun, the temperature was going down very fast. We walked downhill finding our own path back to the hotel through some residential areas. We enjoyed the walk and wanted to keep on walking further, as if our mind was not yet ready to part from Leh.
Ananya Ghosh
4) Leh Main Market -Like any other small town market, the main market of Leh is a street market with many lanes and by-lanes, all of which have small shops selling a variety of products. One can find everything here from shoes to clothes and woollen wear as well as jewellery. Also, some beautiful locally made carpets, shawls, and souvenirs are available here. The Tibetan Refugee Market is also set up here, which sells unique carvings, artefacts, and souvenirs.Oh, and you have to try the Leh Berry & Apricot Juice that comes in a glass bottle, available at any grocery store.