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Rocking J's

Kimberly Davies
Rockin J’s is a colourful open air hostel. It has its own bar and restaurant and offers a slew of different sleeping arrangements. Boasting hammock dorms, tents (way too hot though) even the occasional bedroom, this hostel mosaic on the beach was as awesome as I expected. The beach was a 20 second walk away and safely on property. The gardens of the open air hostel were well maintained, the showers were clean (and cold unless you find the only hot shower ???? ) and the lounges and BBQs initiated a great social atmosphere.This is a great location for night life. Heading into town from Rockin J’s, there were a number of local Soda’s (small local homes who cook one meal and sell it for super cheap), as well as a number of bars on the beach. Almost all of the bars were open patio style, playing loud reggae music, with most having some sort of fire dance show. Walk in, grab a Imperial (the beer of CR), relax or dance on the beach and have a great night.
We only stayed the night at the beach, at Rocking J’s in the most expensive hammock in ‘a place where crazy paving went to die’. It was literally like a bunch of terrible artists with limited mosaic skills were let loose and paid only in acid tabs, something they used to fuel their decorating creativity. We weren’t too impressed by PV and were glad to be heading to paradise islands, but were now a little apprehensive that it wouldn’t be all it was cracked up to be.