Shanta's 1/undefined by Tripoto


Christelle & Peter
Shanta's is a special restaurant in Vilcabamba. They may have the best pizzas in town, but also other interesting stuff off the beaten path. The garden is a mix of lush exotic plants and cacti. After we had pizza, we had to introduce our friends to Shanta's home made snake liquor. Mike and Sue are from Mancos, Colorado. We all had a thought for Joe Goulet that night since he is the one who introduced us to one another back in Durango. The snake liquor is said to have magical properties and to cure everything. Going to Shanta's is like going to a shaman. Shanta gave us some extra snake liquor and a glass of another mysterious liquor he reserves only for friends, on the house, what an honor! He did not want to say what this last one was. More magic for sure.