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Aminabad is a market place in the heart of Lucknow and it is often called the 'Chandni Chowk of Lucknow'. This market has been in existence since the time of the Awadhi Nawabs and is still as popular and even more. You must have heard about the Lucknow Chikan work and embroideries which is famous all over the world. This is what you find at its best here. Starting from clothing fabrics to linen you will find all the authentic stuff here. You also get a lot of food outlets selling traditional sweets and snacks out here. Over all if you want to do a lot of budget shopping and are not at all brand concious this is the perfect place to visit in Lucknow.
Aishwarya Raj
AMINABAD: is a large bazaar located in the heart of Lucknow. The Aminabad Bazaar of Lucknow has operated since the time of the Nawabs of Awadh. A special attraction is Thursday's footpath market. Eateries include non-vegetarian restaurants, sweet shops, bakeries and Paan shops, including Tunde ke Kabab and Wahid Biryani..!!
Aashu Jha
9.Aminabad:- It is one of the biggest shopping market in Lucknow. fully crowded with fun loving people's, If you want to feel the real Lucknow, just take a walk around the Aminabad, Here you will find everything you need at the best price,its hub for world famous Lakhnawi chicken dresses .For food lovers Aminabad is the place where you will find famous Tundai Kebabs and Prakash Kulfi. Must visit location in Lucknow to experience the real charm of Lucknow.