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2 out of 13 attractions in Madaba
Poshak Maheshwari
We drove through a few boring spots like churches in Madaba , Mt. Nebo etc. (skip them if you are short on time) to finally reach the top item on our list after Petra - "the Dead sea".
Upon arrival at Madaba I was entranced by the Mosiac marvels. All the attributes depicting the Sea, these million pieces put together unveiled the largest mosaic art in the world that can ever exist. What was more fascinating was the detailed map of Jerusalem as it was during the sixth century AD located centrally on this mosaic floor.
Indraneel Roy
With deep reverence my journey continues through the scenic locales of Mount Nebo located 817 meters above sea-level down to Bethany beyond the Jordan situated 410 meters below sea level to witness one of the most pious places in Christianity which overlooking the river border with Israel is regarded as the baptism site of Jesus Christ.
5. Get high on spirituality – Mount Nebo (Central Jordan) which is just 10 minutes away from Madaba, is perhaps Jordan’s most revered spot. Reputed as the burial place of Moses, the proximity of the Madaba mosaic map of the Holy Land, inlaid on a church floor to Mount Nebo had always been controversial. Most believe that it represented the vision that Moses had of the Holy Land from the place of his death.6. Follow Biblical clues – Mukawir (South Jordan) is also close by and it falls on the picturesque King’s Highway en route to Madaba. Mukawir was Herod, the Great’s hilltop stronghold and it was here that John, the Baptist was beheaded after Salome performed her seductive dance. Lot’s Cave, where Abraham’s nephew took refuge after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is also nearby. The Biblical Baptism Sites (recently made famous by the Pope’s visit) of Elijah’s Hill and Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan ( South Jordan,where Martha and Mary lived and Jesus was baptized by John, the Baptist) fall on the way to the Dead Sea and is worth exploring too. Elijah’s Hill/Jabal Mar Elias is also nearby and according to Biblical legends this was where Elijah after parting waters of the Jordan River, walked across it with his successor Prophet Elisha before ascending to heaven on a chariot and horses of fire.
Munjal Desai