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Mahabaleshwar Temple

This is the most important hill station of Maharashtra and was once the Summer Capital of the state during the British Raj. As you reach this place you will be welcomed with the dense greenery, lush flora and cool mountain breeze. You will need atleast 5 days to complete the whole tour as there are a number of place in and around Mahabaleshwar to see and enjoy. The name Mahabaleshwar in Sanskrit means "The God with the most strenghth". The motorable roads at every point of this city are extremely well laid and helps connect each place with one another. the main attractions here are the Central Market known as Malcolm Peth firstly. this lies in the heart of the city and is filled with old bungalows and offices, restaurants and shops. The Morarji Castle is in which Mahatma Gandhi lived in 1945. Next is the beautiful Venna Lake where you can enjoy boating, fishing and pony rising. The Panchganga Temple is also very attractive. this is also the place from where the five rivers of Venna, Savitri, Krishna, Gayatri and Koyna flow. The other attractions here are Holy Cross Church and OPratapgad Fort among many others. The monsoons are not a good time to visit. When you visit this beautiful hill station do not forget to carry a few light woollens along.